Chinese youth say “education blogger” at the age of 13

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Chinese youth said that the 13-year-old “education blogger”

video Number “yangliuyiyi’s school”, daily “popular science” English slang, and also shared ancient Chinese poetry and Canadian middle school life stories

sometimes, I will show you how to play the zither and how to successfully see sharks and dolphins at sea…

only four months after its opening, it ranked 51st on the list of “education blogger English learning we media Top100”. It has been operating for more than one year and has more than 500000 fans

the “education blogger” is only 13 years old this year…

in this issue of “Chinese youth”, Yang liuyiyi, a Canadian Chinese girl, told the story of their common growth with her mother

Chinese youth say “education blogger” at the age of 13

‘s statement below is what mother Yang told her. At the beginning of the epidemic in 2020, we were in Vancouver, Canada. Although the epidemic was not serious, there were many restrictions – adults could not work and socialize normally, children could not go to school and play, and the family stayed together 24 hours

I think being idle is also idle. Find something to do for yourself and your children

one day, open wechat “discovery” and be surprised to see that a video number can be opened on wechat! So at the family dinner table meeting one day, I proposed that Yang liuyiyi open a video number and agreed with Yiyi: keep it up! Work together

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in July, wechat video numbers began to be promoted. Unconsciously, we from summer to autumn, from autumn to winter, in the twinkling of an eye, it is a new year. We have persisted until now. I can’t believe it without counting

just started making video numbers with her children, mainly to cultivate her Chinese and English expression ability. Previously, in order to consolidate Yiyi’s Chinese, we insisted that she come to Canada only after she was in the fourth grade of primary school in China. After that, her father and I were worried that Yiyi would lose her Chinese and had been trying to find a way to make children consciously improve their Chinese language learning ability. Video number is a good platform

at first, when we recorded video, it was not plain sailing

I remember that the first shooting started from today in history. At that time, I also needed to give suggestions and draw up an outline. For unfamiliar characters and events, Yiyi and I communicated back and forth for many times

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when shooting, Yiyi often forgets her lines or even makes mistakes because she is nervous. The direct result is that a short video needs to be shot back and forth many times, making chickens fly and dogs jump

about half a month later, once I chatted with a local neighbor. The neighbor spoke a slang. I didn’t understand it. I came back to ask Yiyi, which gave us inspiration. Later, Yiyi and I discussed whether to record slang on the video number, because it is closely combined with life and is often used in daily language communication. Yiyi especially agrees. It’s easy to record. Unconsciously, she has insisted on it for more than a year. Learn both Chinese and English, kill two birds with one stone

in addition to consolidating language learning, video numbers also cultivate Yiyi’s expression ability. In our family, family table meetings are held every day to encourage Yang liuyiyi to speak his views. For example, the American general election, BC provincial election, the difference between equality and justice are all table topics. Of course, there are limitations. Many children are eloquent in private, but when they face the camera and stand on the podium, they blush and stammer

the video number allows Yiyi to smoothly enter the “public expression” from “family expression”. If you look carefully at the “Yang Liuyi’s school”, you can obviously see that Yang Liuyi is making little progress, greatly improving her eyes, smile and posture. Now she is more natural and relaxed. At first, a video may have to be recorded many times. Now it can be formed at one time

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the video number has been done all the way. We have accumulated some inadvertent experience that we can share with you

first of all, I think a good video must have good content and “story thinking”, that is, use stories to create content

followed by content focus. We have selected “English learning” in many fields and always focus on this vertical subdivision field, so it is easy to be identified. In addition, we must adhere to originality. Each of our videos is specially shot and shown in real person. Compared with many other video numbers, the praise rate of “Yang Liu Yiyi’s small school” is not too high, but it is very average, stable and growing

my parents often send me private letters, saying that “Yang Liuyi takes videos, updates videos and watches too many mobile phones, which may have an impact on her studies and bad eyesight”. Therefore, the time for Yang Liuyi to brush the video on weekdays is limited

as a parent, I used to be troubled by questions such as “whether children use mobile phones”. After opening the video number, I was relieved. One of the important strategies is “playing with children”

first, parents should change their ideas. “Video Number” is not a business, not a business. It is a process of learning and an experience of children’s growth, so that they will not feel a waste of time

secondly, we should do a good job in division of labor. Yiyi and I did the video number together. Her job is to discuss topics, check data and shoot. I do the video upload. Of course, primary education in Canada is mainly relaxed, and there is little homework pressure; After entering middle school, the pressure is great, depending on the situation

in addition, time should be reasonably arranged. We will determine the topic of the week at the weekend, focus on shooting and editing for two days, and upload it day by day. In this order, the video numbers continue in this way. Although they are busy, they are indeed full of harvest

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when it comes to harvest, the most direct benefit is that during the epidemic, face-to-face communication between people is reduced, but they can contact the society and interact with people through video signals

also plays an important role in cultivating children’s sense of achievement. You may say that Yang liuyiyi’s video number has a sense of achievement on the top 100, but not everyone can achieve it

in my opinion: small achievements, big surprises. We got a sense of achievement on the first day we made the video, from a few fans to dozens, and we were most happy when we broke through 100. There are a few likes today and a few comments tomorrow. There is joy every day. I think, as a parent, I must be clear in my heart: achievement is not the ultimate goal, but progress every day

not only Yang Liuyi, but also myself and my family benefited from the continuous persistence of the video number

I was busy with my career in China. My children were taken care of by nannies since childhood. But after I immigrated to Vancouver, I became a stay at home mother. I cooked and picked up my children every day, resulting in a psychological gap. I hope to find something to enrich myself. It’s easy to make a video, but it still takes time and energy to plan topics, query various materials online, and confirm various usages of vocabulary. In this process, I learned a lot of knowledge, found my misunderstanding in language learning, and my English level has improved significantly

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