From sailing to riding the wind and waves, Zhejiang Zhoushan strong talents lead and help the island get rich together

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Zhoushan, December 6 (Reporter Lin Bo) Zhoushan Declaration on talents helping common prosperity was released; Awarding of “boat creates the future” talent home; Zhejiang Zhoushan talent entrepreneurship Park and Shenzhen Park, the talent enclave of “zhouchuang future”… This is the scene of the 2021 China Zhejiang “zhouchuang future” marine economic talent summit recently held in Zhoushan, Zhejiang

in the journey of common prosperity, talent team is an indispensable key element. From China’s first national new area with the theme of marine economy to Zhoushan river sea intermodal service center, and then to Zhoushan area of China (Zhejiang) pilot free trade zone (hereinafter referred to as “Zhejiang free trade zone”), how can Zhoushan, with the superposition of national strategies, move towards common prosperity

from setting sail to riding the wind and waves, looking at the island talent construction through the summit, “talent” carries not only real life, but also brilliant future dreams

attracting characteristic talents to help the development of island industry

as the bridgehead for the implementation of the strategy of national marine power and Zhejiang Province, promoting the great leap forward development of marine economy has always been the focus of Zhoushan’s construction

how to accelerate the development of marine characteristic industries such as new petrochemical materials, marine electronic information and marine biology? Promoting the gathering of marine professionals, especially attracting talents with professional skills to settle in Zhoushan, and boosting industrial development is one of the secrets of the city’s development

as a new enterprise settled in Zhoushan high tech Industrial Park, Yao Zhixian, R & D director of Zhejiang carbon View Technology Co., Ltd., said frankly that he was optimistic about the development of Zhoushan, “It has the policy superposition advantages of free trade zone, archipelago new area and comprehensive protection zone. There is not only a dedicated service team to escort the implementation of the project, but also an” one enterprise, one policy “and open and inclusive business environment to contribute to the development of enterprises.”

the reporter learned that Zhoushan has always adhered to the principle of “one enterprise, one policy” in recent years “To do talent work is to do economic work, and to attract investment is to attract talents” As an important starting point for gathering talents, attracting industries and serving enterprises, Zhoushan has successively launched a series of gold content and influential talent policies and innovation measures.

in terms of high gold content entrepreneurship and innovation policies, in 2021, Zhoushan will integrate most municipal talent projects and launch high support projects The “zhouchuang future” Haina plan for entrepreneurship and innovation of end-level talents encourages entrepreneurship and innovation by providing funding for entrepreneurship and innovation, entrepreneurship venues, financial support and contribution rewards.

at present, Zhoushan is outlining the “innovation picture” of catching up and surpassing development and talent gathering

in the first three quarters of this year, the city’s GDP increased by 10.1% from last year’s high base, with an average growth rate of 11.3% in the two years, ranking first in Zhejiang Province and even the whole country; the per capita GDP was US $1.8900, ranking 29th among prefecture level cities and 7th among coastal cities.

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Zhejiang boat Lin Bo,

, set up a platform for attracting talents to build the “talent circle”

planted the Wutong tree, which brought Golden Phoenix.

reporter learned that during the summit, Zhejiang Zhoushan talent Pioneer Park, “Chuang Chuang” talent enclave Shenzhen Park, “Chuang Chuang” talent home and so on, “Hai Zi”. The talent development platform was officially launched.

among them, Zhejiang Zhoushan talent entrepreneurship Park covers an area of 48.51 mu, a construction area of nearly 20000 square meters and a total investment of 200 million yuan, mainly creating “experimental base + entrepreneurship nursery + Industrial Park” At present, seven key projects such as talent science and technology cooperation of the school of Oceanography of Zhejiang University and the entry of R & D institutions of Zhejiang industrial and Commercial University have been signed and settled simultaneously during the summit.

in addition, Zhoushan adheres to the innovative way of talent introduction and develops new talents through the construction of talent enclave Talent map outside the city and expand the “talent circle”.

it is reported that “boat creates the future” Talent enclave Shenzhen Park is the seventh enclave park built and put into operation in Zhoushan. Previously, Zhoushan has built six talent enclaves in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, with a total area of 10000 square meters, and has gathered 82 talent enterprises and more than 300 talents.

as the first talent enclave platform built by Zhoushan in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Zhoushan “creates the future” The talent enclave Shenzhen Park will accurately focus on the marine industry, give full play to the characteristic advantages of “double recruitment and double introduction”, and follow the principle of “Zhoushan characteristics + big city support” Integrate the development model, actively undertake the spillover effect of the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, continue to introduce high-quality talents and project resources for Zhoushan, and promote the high-quality agglomeration of marine talents and the accelerated development of marine economy in Zhoushan.

focus on digital reform to help the common prosperity of the island

“the boat creates the future, youth does not regret. Pursue the dream of the East China Sea, the strong boat has me…” This is the Zhoushan declaration of talents helping common prosperity jointly issued by 6 young talents in different industries and fields, including doctoral researchers, provincial and ministerial talents and chief technicians of Zhejiang Province

as the leader and booster of common prosperity, the importance of talents is well known.

in recent years, Zhoushan has adhered to the first strategy of strengthening the city with talents, focusing on the rich and colorful talent pedigree, the concentration and fission of talent team, the iterative upgrading of talent ecology and the digital reform of talent governance Standards, high-quality awareness and creative tension promote the advancement, transition and upgrading of various talent work.

“outline the’happy picture’ of wisdom, harmony and common prosperity between urban and rural areas.” Pu Xiaobin, member of the Standing Committee of Zhoushan Municipal Party committee and director of the Organization Department, said that now Zhoushan has become one of the cities with the most balanced development, the happiest people and the most secure life in the Yangtze River Delta, which was recently released In the ranking of urbanization level in the Yangtze River Delta and the analysis of the income gap between urban and rural residents in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta, Zhoushan’s urbanization rate reached 72%, ranking 12th, and the income ratio of urban and rural residents was 1.63:1, ranking second in Zhejiang Province.

at present, Zhoushan is vigorously promoting digital reform, and a large number of digital application scenarios with Zhoushan characteristics have emerged, especially the collection of talents The “boat creates the future” talent intelligence island system, which “introduces, educates and retains” high-frequency matters, can make talents “do things without going out, do everything in their hands, and be more comfortable in Zhoushan.”

at the same time, the city took the lead in issuing the management method of “boat creates the future” talent home in Zhejiang Province , it has built a three-dimensional pattern of talent home wild goose array, with a total of 10 sites put into use, serving more than 100000 people of all kinds of talents; it has innovated and implemented the number cancellation assistant mechanism of “key small things” for talents, customized developed the intelligent rent allocation system of talent room, opened the boat Hangzhou talent through train, opened “vegetable basket” and “Zhihui canteen”, so as to comprehensively create a good ecology of keeping people close and happy from afar. (end)