Gansu Wanyu Hechang bulletin board has an “electronic ID card” and the Bureau opens the “thousand mile eye” to control water

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Lanzhou, December 5 (reporter Feng Zhijun) the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Department of water resources on the 5th that since this year, Gansu has comprehensively promoted the informatization construction of river head publicity signs, issued “electronic ID cards” for rivers in the province, and realized the “one card and one code” of river head publicity signs and online information management. At present, the province has erected 12299 five-level River governor signboards, which has played an important role in promoting the full implementation of the river governor system

as the national ecological environment barrier area and the source area of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, Gansu Province is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. It is an important water resource supply area for the two “mother rivers”. There are mainly three basins of the yellow River, the Yangtze River and inland rivers, including nine water systems: the main stream of the Yellow River, Tao River, Wei River, Jing River, Jialing River, Bailong River, Shule River, Heihe River and Shiyang River

it is understood that the river governor’s bulletin board is the “ID card” of the river, the “commitment card” of river governors at all levels, the “responsibility certificate” to promote the river governors to perform their duties, and the “supervision card” for the public to participate in the management and protection of rivers and lakes

Gansu Wanyu Hechang bulletin board has an “electronic ID card” and the Bureau opens the “thousand mile eye” to control water

the picture shows the “electronic ID card” of rivers and lakes in Gansu Province. (data picture) the picture provided by Gansu Provincial Department of water resources

“one card and one code”, that is, each river head bulletin board corresponds to a two-dimensional code. The public only needs to scan the two-dimensional code to know the name, length, starting point, ending point, management scope, names, positions, responsibilities and responsibilities of River heads at all levels Work objectives and supervision and reporting telephone numbers at all levels. If the corresponding River chief, police chief and Procurator General of the river are adjusted, the staff only need to log in to the Gansu river lake chief system information platform for background operation to complete the information update of the river chief bulletin board

according to the guiding opinions on the billboards of river governors in Gansu Province, in order to avoid the blank area of responsibility, the billboards of river governors in various places shall update the information in time. Since the full implementation of the river head system, a total of 12299 five-level river head signboards have been erected in Gansu, which has played an important role in promoting the full implementation of the river head system. However, there are also some problems, such as heavy tasks of making, maintaining and updating information, low efficiency and high cost. In particular, the higher the river level, the more river length billboards to be adjusted and updated, and the heavier the task

in the past, when the river length of a provincial river was adjusted, the five levels of billboard information corresponding to the river at the provincial, municipal, county, township and village levels needed to be updated in time. The whole work process usually took about 20 days from production, verification and painting to “point-to-point” posting. “One card and one code” has effectively solved this dilemma, which not only saves time, labor and money, but also greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the grass-roots work burden and achieves twice the result with half the effort

in order to accelerate the construction of smart water conservancy, strengthen the daily dynamic supervision of rivers and lakes, comprehensively improve the management and protection level of rivers and lakes, severely crack down on all kinds of river related violations along the river according to law, and realize intelligent River and lake management and protection, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province, combined with the construction of smart city, took the lead in realizing the full coverage of river video monitoring in the province, and strive to create a “river manager who will never be laid off”, Ensure River safety

at present, Linxia river monitoring video has been put into operation, realizing online real-time monitoring of key areas, key river sections and sensitive waters. Video monitoring has provided a “thousand mile eye” for water control. Through the visual monitoring system, it has effectively curbed the occurrence of events such as dumping garbage into the river, illegal sand mining and children playing in the river, and put the pain points and difficulties in water environment treatment in front, Transforming passive governance into active prevention has greatly improved the efficiency of river and lake supervision and greatly improved the level of river and lake management and protection. (end)