Global connection | when the caravan of Latin American immigrants meets the hypocritical and throwing pot “American democracy”

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Xinhua news agency, Mexico City, December 2   More than a month ago, Henry matamoro, a 45 year old Honduran, planned to enter the United States from Mexico. Thousands of people along the way formed two caravan teams

almost at the same time, in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, people are laying down marigolds next to the U.S. – Mexico border fence in accordance with the customs of the day of the dead, hoping that flowers will guide the dead immigrants on their way home

Global connection | when the caravan of Latin American immigrants meets the hypocritical and throwing pot “American democracy”

on September 4, in tapachura, Chiapas, Mexico, “immigrant Caravan” team headed for the United States. Xinhua News Agency (photographed by Damian Sanchez)

the humanitarian crisis of Latin American immigrants on the U.S. – Mexico border is getting worse and worse. Most people have to face bad accommodation, loss of freedom, infection with new crowns, separation of flesh and blood, law enforcement violence, and see the truth of the so-called “American democracy”

truth 1: “immigration card” is just a tool

the United States has always advertised and created the image of the so-called “beacon of democracy”, and has vigorously promoted the values of “American democracy” in Latin America, which is regarded as its “backyard”

in view of the tough immigration policy during the administration of former trump, US President Biden has promised the so-called “orderly” and “humane” border immigration policy since the election. This signal has undoubtedly stimulated the rebound in the scale of border migration since this year. Eight months after taking office, the Biden government even directly withdrew its promise to terminate the immigration expulsion order

Global connection | when the caravan of Latin American immigrants meets the hypocritical and throwing pot “American democracy”(1)

photos taken in acunia City, Coahuila, Mexico on September 19 show that illegal immigrants cross the Rio Grande River on the US Mexico border and enter the Mexican side to buy food and necessities. Xinhua News Agency issued

however, knowing that the border immigration problem is serious, Biden, who once played the “immigration card”, gave the latest response: “I think I should go to the border, but the problem is that I don’t have time.”

more ironically, the immigration problem has become a political struggle tool between American parties. When the trump administration was in power, Democratic politicians focused their fire on their law enforcement violence against immigrants. When the Biden administration came to power, Republican politicians blamed the rebound on poor immigration control. Florida governor Ron de Santis even said in early August that “whatever strain comes from the southern border.”

truth 2: massive violations of human rights

not long ago, a photo detonated the network – US law enforcement officers were riding horses to expel Haitian immigrants. Critics believe that this picture is instantly reminiscent of the scene of American slave owners driving away black slaves hundreds of years ago. Some netizens showed a comparison

democratic representative Maxine Waters said that this was “worse than the era of slavery”. Due to the rough treatment of Haitian immigrants, Daniel foot, the U.S. special envoy for Haiti, resigned angrily after only two months, and many American people also took to the streets to protest

according to the data released by the U.S. Customs and border protection, in fiscal year 2021, U.S. law enforcement agencies arrested about 1.7 million immigrants at the U.S. – Mexico border, the highest since records were recorded in 1960. According to US media reports, in the past 12 months, about 61% of immigrants to the United States have been repatriated or deported to Mexico; Nearly 147000 unaccompanied children were detained while trying to enter the United States, the highest record since 2008. In addition, of the 266000 illegal immigrant children detained by the U.S. government in recent years, more than 25000 were detained for more than 100 days, and nearly 1000 spent more than a year in shelters, some even more than five years

Global connection | when the caravan of Latin American immigrants meets the hypocritical and throwing pot “American democracy”(2)

the photo taken in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on March 27 shows that two immigrant children from Guatemala are waiting for treatment by members of the U.S. border patrol after crossing the Rio Grande River on the U.S. – Mexico border. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by David penado)

Cesar Rios, an immigration expert in El Salvador, pointed out that the Biden government has not changed the tough immigration policy during the trump period, and measures such as large-scale forced repatriation continue

in the process of forced repatriation, the law enforcement measures of the United States have not stopped violating the basic human rights such as freedom, health and dignity of immigrant groups. Reports that immigrants have been separated from their families, blackmailed and beaten one after another have aroused widespread criticism of the U.S. government’s immigration policy</ Since the outbreak of covid-19 outbreak, p>

has directly expelled large numbers of immigrants from the United States on the grounds of strengthening epidemic prevention, which in the least ignored the risk of health and safety to Latin American countries. p>

the illegal immigration detention center under the administration of the U.S. Bureau of immigration and Customs Enforcement reported the first newly confirmed case in March 2020, but it was not until May of the same year that the U.S. authorities gradually carried out a wide range of virus testing in illegal immigration detention centers under the pressure of all walks of life. During this period, a large number of Latin American immigrants were repatriated without detection, and the spillover effect of the epidemic can be imagined

epidemic output is only a microcosm. Latin America has long been subject not only to the United States politically and economically, but also to the chronic diseases such as gun violence and the proliferation of drugs in the United States. Gabriella Hernandez, head of the immigration assistance station of the “Tuoqian house” in Mexico City, made a penetrating analysis: “drug consumption and arms smuggling in the Americas have brought wealth to the United States, but left death, poverty and diseases to Latin American countries.”

Global connection | when the caravan of Latin American immigrants meets the hypocritical and throwing pot “American democracy”(3)

the information photo of immigrants from Central American countries trying to enter the United States from Mexico through the Bravo river was taken on the side of the Mexican border city Juarez on March 9. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by penado)

on the issue of immigration, of course, the means used by the United States is still the old routine – throwing the pot to others. Hernandez said, for example, that Mexico undertakes many “dirty jobs” that the United States is unwilling to do, including “blocking” people in Mexico with visa, employment and other measures

however, the United States originally promised to invest in Mexico and some Central American countries. “We didn’t get anything.” Mexican President Lopez publicly criticized the United States in September this year for “talking but not practicing”, “enough words, it’s time to act.”

after seeing the true face of “American democracy”, matamoro changed his original intention to go to the United States and settled down in the “Tuoqian house” not long ago. He received a one-year Mexican “humanitarian visa” and is ready to work here and plan for the future. (text reporter: Wu Hao, Zhu Yubo, Deng Xianlai, Liu Si; video reporter: Ricardo Montoya; Editor: Wang Yujue; editors: Xie Binbin, Ma Xiaoyan, SUN Hao)

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