Honey food 7 ushers in a new challenge. Fei Qinyuan and Wang Xiaomin become “opponents”|

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On December 6, honey food 7 is on the air. In the sixth program, Fei Qinyuan and Wang Xiaomin welcomed their new partners Wang Ziwei and tie Dou in Hefei

Honey food 7 ushers in a new challenge. Fei Qinyuan and Wang Xiaomin become “opponents”|

as soon as she appeared, she was full of youth and vitality like Wang Ziwei, a hide and seek of Fei Qinyuan. Dissatisfied with the work of nine to five, I quit skiing naked iron beans, which makes people feel bold and courageous

in the new program, Fei Qinyuan and Wang Xiaomin are no longer teammates, but rivals. They will form a new combination with Wang Ziwei and tie Dou to challenge the well-known “Asia’s first track” in boys and girls rush forward. The winner will be eligible for the luxury river view room

at the beginning of the pass, Wang Ziwei takes the lead. The first pass is the chess pass. The five pieces shake up and down. The Challenger needs to find the right time to pass one by one. If he is not careful, he will step empty. Because the track is too slippery, Wang Ziwei makes everyone nervous at every step. She moved forward carefully and quickly passed the first level. When everyone cheered for her, she fell into the water unexpectedly

as an extreme sports enthusiast, everyone has great expectations for tiedou. But as soon as he reached the first level, tie Dou fell on the chess piece. The iron bean, who got up again from the chess piece, moved forward all the way. At the most difficult third level, tiedou walked on the ground, which made other guests sigh: “it’s faster than walking on the ground.” Wang Ziwei admitted that she was convinced of her loss. After successfully breaking through the customs, tiedou also proposed that he should go back from the end to “reverse pass”

for the new partner, Wang Xiaomin frankly said that he had never thought that the petite and lovely iron bean had such great energy. Fei Qinyuan also said that he was shocked by the power of iron bean