Hubble captured the stunning NCG 7329 “star vortex”

By yqqlm yqqlm

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this is because astronomers usually want to capture a very specific wavelength range of light at any time, so as to make the best and most accurate scientific analysis. In order to control which wavelengths of light will be collected, Hubble’s camera is equipped with a variety of filters, which only allow certain wavelengths of light to reach the camera’s CCD (CCD is a kind of camera light sensor, and some old mobile phone cameras and digital cameras also use CCD)

since the original Hubble image is monochrome, how is the color Hubble image realized? This is accomplished by combining different filters to make different observations of the same object

for example, this image is processed with four different filters, each of which spans different regions of the spectrum, from ultraviolet to optical and infrared. Professional image processors and artists can judge the most corresponding optical color of each filter used. They can then color the image taken using the filter accordingly. Finally, the images taken with different filters are stacked together, and then a color image from an extremely distant deep space is formed. Its color has represented the reality as much as possible

Hubble captured the stunning NCG 7329 “star vortex”