Ice sail realizes “amphibious” transformation in winter and summer

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Ice sail realizes the “amphibious” conversion in winter and summer

the national stadium has the two-way conversion ability between ice rink and summer sports venues. During the Winter Olympic Games, laundry, team escort and other services will be provided

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can meet the needs of ice hockey competition in the Winter Olympic Games, and can also serve flower skating, short track speed skating and other projects; It can realize the “amphibious” transformation of winter and summer sports; Disinfection robots and air disinfection machines have been “on duty”… Recently, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily visited the National Stadium. The “ice sail” waiting to sail is waiting for ice making. Many drills will be carried out in the stadium before the Winter Olympic Games, and laundry, team escort and other services will be provided during the games

the nickname of the National Stadium is “ice sail”. Such a poetic name mainly comes from its shape. If you look at the National Stadium from the Olympic Tower, it is like a giant sailboat sailing smoothly on the lake in the Olympic central area, and its arc shape is also like a sailboat ready to sail

the National Stadium is the trampoline competition venue of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. It will continue to serve the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as an ice hockey competition venue next year. Its reconstruction project has been completed in December 2020

SUN Guojun, urban venue construction office of Beijing major project construction headquarters, introduced that the ice making function and dehumidification system were added to the main hall in the transformation. A new Ice Hockey Hall was built on its north side as a training hall, and dressing rooms and other facilities were added. After the reconstruction, the total area of the venue is about 98000 square meters, equipped with two ice hockey ice surfaces that meet the standards of the Olympic Games. During the Winter Olympic Games, one is used for formal competition and the other is used for pre competition training warm-up

the reconstructed ice surface of the national stadium can not only meet the needs of competition, but also be converted into flower skating, short track speed skating and other project venues, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the ice field. At the same time, the venue also realizes the “amphibious” conversion in winter and summer, and has the two-way conversion ability of ice rink and summer sports venues. At present, the venue has met the conditions for hosting the competition and has been tested by the “meet Beijing” test activity

the reporter of Beiqing daily noted that the style of the new training hall is unified with that of the main hall. Its facade is designed with glass curtain wall and embossed glass with smooth and concave convex ice patterns on one side, as if pieces of ice flowers were carved on the venue

provide laundry, team escort and other services during the game

at present, the national stadium has been cleaned and is waiting for ice making. Staff are building spectator information kiosks, lost and found offices and other game time service facilities to prepare for the Winter Olympics. During the competition, the audience will enter from the east gate and exit from the south gate. The service information kiosks and lost and found offices involved in the whole streamline are being improved. Before the Winter Olympic Games, the venue will still organize a number of testing and training activities with all parties to ensure that the staff are familiar with all links, flow lines and emergency response measures during the games

ice hockey has its particularity, such as heavy sports equipment, super long appliances, sports clothes need to be dried, ice skates need to be polished and trimmed frequently, so it puts forward higher requirements for athletes’ dressing room. Lei Ming, executive deputy director of the venue operation team of the National Stadium, introduced that the reconstructed venue is equipped with 12 permanent dressing rooms and 4 game time dressing rooms

in addition, the ice hockey venue is the only venue to provide laundry services for athletes and referees on site. It is estimated that more than 50000 pieces of clothes were washed in the National Stadium. To this end, the venue plans to use two industrial washing machines and two industrial dryers, equivalent to 40 washing machines and 40 dryers for daily household use. The laundry will provide services for athletes 24 hours during the game

ice hockey is also different from other events. The organizing committee needs to provide team companions for each team. This role shoulders the important task of communication between the team and the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and international technical officials. Lei Ming introduced that to this end, the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee specially recruited a group of graduate students with high comprehensive quality from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Sports University, Capital Institute of physical education and other universities to ensure smooth communication

scientific and technological epidemic prevention products appeared one after another

it is reported that epidemic prevention and control is the key work of the event, and the application of science and technology is also a key point of this test activity. Scientific and technological means such as disinfection robot, air disinfection machine and air conditioning fresh air disinfection module are used to realize “zero occurrence and zero infection” of the epidemic situation in the test activity

in the venue, the reporter of Beiqing daily also saw a variety of epidemic prevention products. For example, in the area where athletes pass through, a disinfection robot that automatically sprays disinfectant has been walking through, disinfecting the designated area according to the tasks set by the staff

Bao Weihua, public health and epidemic prevention manager of the national gymnasium, introduced that there are six disinfection robots like this. In addition, there is a safety and health robot in the venue, which is responsible for strictly investigating the epidemic prevention and control information of personnel entering the venue. “The entrant only needs to swipe his ID card, and the robot can display his nucleic acid certificate, vaccination status and other information,” Bao Weihua said

in addition, in order to ensure that there are no loopholes in closed-loop management, intelligent logistics storage facilities are also set up in the venue. Materials outside the ring can enter the “ring” through this facility like express cabinet to avoid personnel crossing

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