Just walk, you’ll understand

By yqqlm yqqlm

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life is like a never-ending train, passing through the long river of years

when I was a child, I always wanted to grow up quickly and felt that the adult world would be very happy

but when we grow up, we find that nothing is invariable, neither things nor people

as we walked, we understood that no one would stay where they were, and maybe we would lose each other accidentally

like Xi Murong wrote in Little Red Gate:”There are many people in the world. You think you can meet tomorrow, so you put your hand down temporarily. But once, as soon as you turn around, some people will say goodbye to you forever.”

on the road of life, some people are destined to accompany us only.

whether we like it or not, the moment we turn around, it is likely that there will be no future.

It was agreed that the future would be long, but it was lost to the impermanence of the world.

I thought I would help each other until I was old, but I didn’t expect that with the passage of time, I would become as indifferent as mountains and seas.

Life is like taking a bus. There are not a few people who can accompany you for several stops, but few people can accompany you from the beginning to the end.

in this world, the combination of on-off and on-off is the norm of life, and forcing is just adding trouble.

In this life, others are passers-by on our way, and we are also the scenery by others’ windows.

life is a sea, and many encounters in the world have passed by later.

We can’t decide a person’s appearance or retain a person’s departure. All we can do is cherish the unexpected surprise and accept the sudden departure.

let go of those who will eventually leave, hide the past friendship in their memory, and then continue to belong to their own spring, autumn, winter and summer

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