Li tie was criticized after the game, and the microblog was suspected of bringing goods to provoke controversy

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Li tie was criticized after the game, and the microblog suspected of bringing goods to provoke controversy

471084241 - Li tie was criticized after the game, and the microblog was suspected of bringing goods to provoke controversy

Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star News reporter learned through various channels close to Li Tie that Li Tie didn’t want to go. Everything could have continued, but his microblog suspected of carrying goods after the war between China and Australia destroyed everything, The microblog itself, Li Tie’s original intention was to help his friends. As a result, under the wrong time and background, it finally caused irreparable consequences

after the national football team’s 1-1 draw with Australia, Li Tie delivered a 32 minute long talk at the press conference, opening up the fierce opposition mode and fighting back against external doubts. “You haven’t experienced this. You don’t know how cruel this life is to the players and the working team. I’m proud of them.” “I spend more time on football than any of you. I know the national team best.” then, Chen Xuyuan, President of the Football Association, severely criticized Li Tie face to face on this matter

Li Tie also realized his mistake, so he sent a microblog the next day (see the figure below) and responded, “I talked a little too much yesterday, went to bed early, and eight hours of sleep brought me back to life. I tried my best and still love you!” it is worth mentioning that this microblog was distributed with “Jiugongge” pictures, which are basically from the brand posters that have a cooperative relationship with Li Tie

it was this microblog that triggered a bigger “earthquake”. Among the 9 pictures, two are the refueling posters of Li Tie’s partner Jianlibao, one is the poster of shibert’s early childhood football education with Li Tie as the co-founder, and the other is the picture of rainforest ancient tree tea with Li Tie as the spokesperson (Li Tie is the spokesperson of rainforest ancient tree tea, for which the brand launched its own “discus” tea). Li Tie also removed the national football sponsor logo in the two photos and used “my favorite Li Ning”

two hours later, realizing that something was wrong, Li Tie deleted the microblog for secondary processing, and the content about endorsement and advertising was deleted. But the Internet has memory. Li Tie’s advertising microblog was screenshot and widely spread

after returning to Suzhou for isolation, Li Tie had many in-depth talks with Chen Xuyuan. Li Tie took the initiative to find Chen Xuyuan, made a review and apology, said he didn’t want to add trouble to the team and association, and orally resigned

judging from the fact that Li tie was given a five-year appointment, the football association still recognized Li Tie’s achievements in leading the national football team to the top 12. Even the record of 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses in the first six rounds of the top 12 is understandable without the actual situation at home and against the background of strong enemies. Including the use and formation playing methods of naturalized players such as Luo Guofu belong to the technical and tactical category, which is not enough to cause Li Tie’s class to end. But the microblog suspected of carrying goods, from the perspective of sports and business rules, Li Tie undoubtedly broke the rules seriously

according to an insider familiar with Li Tie, Li Tie sent this microblog to help his friends, but under such a time node and sensitive background, his influence has undoubtedly been amplified. Some financial self media followed the enterprises behind this microblog. According to tianyancha search, they found 8 affiliated enterprises under Li Tie. He is even the largest shareholder in many companies. Previously, the publicity objects of Li Tie’s social platform also included his own companies. This has also triggered a new round of criticism of Li Tie. Subsequently, the football daily published a report saying that Li Tie had been deeply involved in the transfer of a number of players, including the international, through the agency

Li Tie himself regretted these wrong actions, but everything was useless. “Before that microblog, everything may continue. But once this microblog comes out, everything is irreparable.”

Chengdu Business Daily Red Star News reporter Hu Minjuan