Life, learn to put down, you can live happily

By yqqlm yqqlm
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I often hear many people say:how can people live rich, but people live tired. People are tired of living. Where are they tired? Naturally, tiredness lies not in physical strength, but in the heart. To put it bluntly, I am tired of fame, profit, money, long love for my son, comparison with others, and worrying about gain and loss in life

Life has bitterness, sweetness and bitterness, as well as joys and sorrows. It is reasonable for people to live tired. Only in this materialistic society, many people are tired of heart and excessive desire. Human beings are physically tired of work and labor, as well as physically and mentally tired of pursuing fame and wealth. Some people are tired because of their weak working ability and low efficiency; Some people are tired because they have too much desire. The mountain looks high, and the heart is not enough. The snake swallows the elephant

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People will have desires. If they can’t be satisfied with desires, they will be tired. If they want to be tired, they should learn to put it down. To put it down is to put down their burden, material desires, greed and wild dreams. When a person can let go, his heart will be pure, his brain will be”simple”, his heart will be clean, he will be able to pursue a simple way of life, there will be less”ideas” of being a man, people will be sincere and kind, and people will be more happy

When people come to this world, who doesn’t want to live a decent life and live a comfortable life, but a man should follow the right path, good morality can carry things, and a happy life depends on his own struggle. Only through struggle can we overcome laziness and greed in life

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We should not strive for fame in life; Life wants profit, not profit; To be rich in life depends on diligence; If you want your children to become talents in life, you should set an example and influence them imperceptibly; If you want a healthy body in life, you must have a healthy state of mind, which is called letting nature take its course and letting things go; It is also called virtue and gain. Only with such a mentality can we put down material desires and live in the present. In this way, we can also reap the effect of inadvertently inserting willows into the shade

Learning to let go is not only a kind of wisdom, but also an ideological realm. In the era of commodity economy, there are many colors and temptations. You can’t let go of life. If you have too many desires, you will suffer by yourself, ask for trouble and carry your burden. The more you see, the more ideas you have, the more distress you will have, and the more tired you will be

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Why some people’s psychology is unbalanced now is that they see more, think more, desire more, and people’s desire can’t be satisfied, which gives birth to distress and makes them tired. People’s body is tired. Just sleep. People’s heart is tired. The more they sleep, the more they can’t sleep. They will suffer from insomnia

Life has a cause and a result, and a result has a cause. If you are tired, you should suit the remedy to the case. What you rely on is to put down. If you put down, you need to look down on fame and wealth, see through life and choose a simple life. Only in this way can you not be tired of fame and wealth, worry about wealth and live a normal life

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To put down is to see through life and learn to live. No matter how many functions a mobile phone has, it only has those functions. The family has ten thousand liang of gold, which is just three meals a day. The family has ten thousand hectares of fertile land and only sleeps in a three foot wide bed. No matter how rich life is, its personal consumption is just the same. Even if you are rich, you can’t be too arrogant. Just enjoy eating, drinking and fun, which will lose your health

No matter how rich life is, there is only one thing to eat and drink. No matter how big the world is and how rich the material is, there is only one thing that really belongs to you. This is life. A man should be content to be happy. Don’t worry about what he can’t get


p data-track=”11″> Learn to put down, the most important thing is to be a man. Being a man should take morality as the first. With morality in life, thoughts will be pure, there will be less indiscriminate thoughts, and life will be simple. You will not be unable to sleep and eat for desire. In this way, your heart will not be tired and people will be happy. Thus, life, learned to put down, can live easily and happily