Looking at the “magic” of the world with one word: Mystery and thought, the world of magic realism in 2021

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Dec. 30: see the “magic” of the world in one word: Mystery and thought. The world of magic realism in 2021

has two days left, and 2021 will become history. Many international events in this year can be called “magic”. Absurd things constantly refresh people’s cognition, and the practical problems hidden behind it are worth pondering

Looking at the “magic” of the world with one word: Mystery and thought, the world of magic realism in 2021

anti epidemic demonstrators on the streets of Brussels, Belgium, on December 21 local time

in the face of cruel reality, some politicians who shouted “lie flat” to fight the epidemic had to change their words. However, whenever the epidemic prevention policy is tightened, there will always be demonstrations against epidemic prevention in these countries, and even violent smashing. While the protesters chanted “freedom”, the virus further “attacked cities and occupied land”, and more people fell into chains. Not to mention, from intravenous injection to drinking disinfectant, from parents taking their children to burning masks to refusing to vaccinate, the anti intelligence phenomenon in some countries such as the United States is surprising

What’s more “magical” is that British Prime Minister Johnson was exposed to have many parties in violation of epidemic prevention; Finnish Prime Minister Marin, knowing that he is a close contact, also dances in nightclubs; Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg was punished for violating the epidemic prevention regulations… If policymakers in western countries regard the epidemic prevention regulations as nothing, the idea of defeating the virus as soon as possible can only be wishful thinking

Looking at the “magic” of the world with one word: Mystery and thought, the world of magic realism in 2021(2)

on January 6 local time, supporters of then US President trump broke into the Capitol building, and there were fires everywhere

this year, the United States staged a “big play” at the beginning of the year. The picture of Capitol Hill occupied by Trump’s “fans” shocked the world. The Capitol, one of the highest symbols of American freedom and democracy, was ablaze with fire. The most serious attack on congress in nearly 200 years reminded many American netizens of the unbearable past of the British Army burning the White House in 1812

“the fall of Capitol Hill” became the laughing stock of the world. Only about half a year later, the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan and repeated the “Saigon moment”, which further reduced the image of the United States to the bottom. The pictures of several Afghans falling from American transport planes broke the hearts of many netizens. Such a superpower, which often talks about “human rights” and “global security”, has repeatedly exposed the disorder of domestic and foreign policies and the anomie of human rights to the world. In itself, it is the greatest risk in the field of security

Looking at the “magic” of the world with one word: Mystery and thought, the world of magic realism in 2021(3)

nevertheless, the “ceiling” of this year’s global annual absurd reward is also the stunning decision announced by Japan in April: discharge more than one million tons of nuclear sewage accumulated by the Fukushima nuclear power plant in the past decade. Japan had better treatment methods, such as hardening the sewage and burying it underground, but in order to save money, it finally chose the cheapest sea discharge, and even claimed that the water was almost pollution-free after filtration

Japan’s move has attracted strong condemnation from the international community, local fishermen and environmental protection organizations. However, the United States, which is also likely to be contaminated, supports Japan’s decision. Blinken, the US Secretary of state, also thanked Japan for its “transparent efforts” to deal with nuclear waste water. The United States has wantonly covered up such a barbaric and selfish act endangering global ecological security, and the international community is in an uproar

in fact, the friendship between the United States and Japan is very “plastic”. Just a few days ago, Japan promised that the United States would bear an additional US $660 million in US military funds in Japan in the next five years. South Korea, an ally of the United States, also increased its defense spending by 13.9% in 2021. After the success of the “rip off”, the United States did not forget to boast about the “alliance friendship”, but the public opinion circles in Japan and South Korea reached a rare consensus on paying more “protection fees”: anger

Looking at the “magic” of the world with one word: Mystery and thought, the world of magic realism in 2021(4)

on September 15, US President Biden held a joint video press conference with British Prime Minister Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Morrison, announcing the establishment of a trilateral security partnership called “aukus”

moreover, on September 15, the United States, Britain and Australia suddenly announced the establishment of the security partnership (aukus). After receiving the commitment of the United States and Britain to help them develop nuclear submarines, Australia expanded and directly tore up the submarine contract with France of up to $90 billion. The French foreign minister shouted: This is “stabbed in the back by an ally”! For the first time in 250 years, France recalled its ambassador to the United States and its ambassador to Australia. President macron threatened to strongly retaliate against Australia for its treachery, making it “painful for a long time”

in addition to the contradictions on the table, the secret struggle between transatlantic allies is full of gunpowder. At the end of May, the United States was exposed to monitor senior officials of Germany, France and other countries through the Internet from 2012 to 2014, and the name of then German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also prominently listed. Being overheard by “close allies” at will, France and Germany are angry, and so is the EU. Nevertheless, Biden went to the UK to attend the G7 summit as planned a few days later, hooked up with macron and talked and laughed with Merkel. Maybe Biden’s inner monologue is: as long as I’m not embarrassed, others are embarrassed

Looking at the “magic” of the world with one word: Mystery and thought, the world of magic realism in 2021(5)

in addition, the United States is still happy to portray itself as a victim of cyber security. Over the years, the United States has been “chasing” Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who exposed the secrets of American foreign war under the banner of justice. New progress was made on December 10: the British High Court approved the US request for Assange’s extradition. If convicted, he will face a maximum sentence of 175 years

the United States played it incisively and vividly. Such wanton trampling on human rights and “cutting both sides” of its allies are destined to undermine its credibility again and again

the international community this year is both magical and realistic. Behind the seemingly absurd, there are many realistic contradictions that are difficult to reconcile. 2022 is coming. How will the next episode of the absurd play be staged? People don’t know which will come first tomorrow or accident. (end)