Manzhouli anti epidemic record: under the cold winter, all sectors of society “send charcoal in the snow”

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China novel coronavirus pneumonia (China’s anti tuberculosis): Manchuria’s anti epidemic record in the border town of China: Manchuria’s 2 years December: December, China’s border town Manchuria’s anti epidemic record: under the harsh winter, all sectors of society “timely assistance timely assistance”

Manchuria, the border town, was attacked by “COVID-19” in November 27th, and was forced to press the “pause button”, which is now greeted by all sectors of society. Novel coronavirus pneumonia timely assistance was announced. Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control headquarters in Manchuria,

, held a press conference at 16 PM, 2, and reported 194 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed.

, “everyone is holding a warm group at the moment.” on the afternoon of 2 March, Liu Yifu, who had just completed consultations at the hospital in Manchuria, told reporters on the phone. Our wills unite like a fortress. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common disease.” even though the temperature is very low, we still believe in the strength of the United States in the past 6 days. ”

Liu Yifu is a doctor in Inner Mongolia general Forestry hospital. In February 15, 2020, he arrived in Jingmen, Hubei to fight against the new crown pneumonia. After returning to Inner Mongolia from Hubei, he was always watching the epidemic situation.” always ready to rush to the front line to bring hope to the patients. ”

Manzhouli anti epidemic record: under the cold winter, all sectors of society “send charcoal in the snow”

the picture shows the frontier inspection police on duty. Lu Bingbing photographed

Ye revolutionary’s wife Xiong meihui is a staff member of the local discipline inspection and inspection office. They haven’t met since they worked on the front line of the epidemic.

talking about his wife, ye revolutionary said: “She is on duty at the gate of the community. She has to stay outside for a long time and her hands and feet are numb. She has to take care of her 2-year-old daughter and the elderly at home after work every day. I really hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible.”

the latest good news is the “Falcon” from Guangdong Jinyu medicine under the unified coordination of the National Health Commission and Inner Mongolia Health Commission The hard gas membrane laboratory officially rushed to Manzhouli.

“Falcon” hard gas membrane laboratory commander Liu Jianqiang introduced that on the evening of the 2nd, they will officially undertake the “task” of local staff screening nucleic acid samples.

Liu Jianqiang said, “Falcon” The hard gas membrane laboratory had previously participated in the rescue of anti epidemic front lines such as Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Harbin, Shangrao and Chengdu. On December 1, it was the first batch of “Falcon” in Manchuria Nearly 40 medical workers in the hard gas membrane laboratory, as well as more than 100 nucleic acid detection related equipment and a large number of consumables have arrived in Manzhouli.

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the picture shows the staff supporting the “Falcon” hard film laboratory in Manchuria, “Falcon” hard gas membrane laboratory is located in Manzhouli International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a daily nucleic acid detection capacity of more than 60000 tubes and can carry out detection 24 hours a day.

local people said that the sunshine is always after the storm, and with the joint efforts of the whole people, they believe that Manzhouli will give the outside world a fairy tale beauty again. (end)