Manzhouli City transferred three batches of isolated personnel “hand-in-hand” to Hulunbuir city

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(novel coronavirus pneumonia) novel coronavirus pneumonia in Manchuria City, Hulun Buir, “hand hand” transshipment 3 batches of quarantine personnel

Hulun Buir December 5 (reporter Zhang Wei) 5, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region new Hulun Buir crown pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters held a news conference, said that now, Manchuria city to Hulun Buir “hand hand” off-site transport 3 batch of quarantine personnel. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, p>

, deputy director of the Hulun Buir municipal government office and deputy director of the office of the headquarters of the Hulun Buir new crown pneumonia prevention and Control Bureau, Meng Xianwu, said that because the concentrated isolation places in Manchuria were very tight, it was difficult for the close connection personnel to concentrate on isolation in time, and there was a hidden danger of continuous proliferation. p>

the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Hulunbuir city set up a transportation leading group to transport some close contacts in time

“relevant regions and departments carry out the organization, collection, transformation, killing, training, dispatching, management and supervision of transfer vehicles, support vehicles, isolation places, prevention and control materials, staff and transfer personnel.” Meng Xianwu said that the receiving place prepares isolation rooms and organizes transfer vehicles according to the specifications, and each isolation hotel sets special work classes, And specially provide whole process service guarantee

Manzhouli City transferred three batches of isolated personnel “hand-in-hand” to Hulunbuir city

the picture shows the transfer of isolated personnel from Manzhouli City to Hulunbuir city. According to Chen Yanli, deputy director of Hulunbuir CDC, in the whole transfer process, the whole process is managed in a closed loop to achieve all-round and all chain effective docking, seamless connection and “hand-in-hand” handover

“Special vehicles shall be used for the transfer of close contacts, and the cab shall be physically isolated from the carriage. A special contaminated goods storage area shall be set in the vehicle, equipped with protective articles, disinfectant and quick hand disinfectant. In case of personnel vomiting and spitting during the transfer, the vomitus shall be covered with primary absorbent material and sufficient disinfectant or disinfection dry towel immediately after the vomitus is removed Disinfection of ground and vehicle walls contaminated by vomit is carried out. Ventilation is carried out after transshipment, and hydrogen peroxide spray or chlorine disinfectant is used to wipe the car and its surface. Chen Yanli explained in detail.

during transfer, the staff shall wear protective clothing, gloves, work hats, medical protective masks, etc.; the driver shall wear protective clothing, medical protective masks, gloves, etc. after transfer, the full set of protective articles shall be replaced in time.

meanwhile, during transfer, the number of personnel on the same vehicle shall be controlled, sitting at intervals, personal protection shall be done, and medical protective masks and gloves shall be worn in a standardized manner To reduce mutual communication.

Meng Xianwu said that up to now, three batches of safe transfer tasks have been completed, effectively alleviating the pressure of centralized isolation in Manzhouli City and winning favorable fighters for fighting the epidemic. (end)