NASA will launch a laser communication Demonstration on Sunday

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as the agency’s first end-to-end laser relay system, lcrd will be launched as part of the space test program 3 (stp-3) mission of the U.S. Air Force Space Systems Command. The stp-3 will be launched by the Atlas V rocket of the joint launch Alliance (ULA) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida. Its two-hour launch window opened at 4:04 a.m. Eastern time

NASA will launch a laser communication Demonstration on Sunday

because laser communication — also known as optical communication because it uses light to send information — can provide higher data rate than traditional radio frequency systems, the amount of data transmitted each time is also larger. Lcrd will demonstrate space to ground laser communication, which connects ground stations in Hawaii and California. Later in the mission, the lcrd will receive and transmit data from an optical terminal placed by NASA on the international space station

NASA invites the public to register to participate in the launch in a virtual way, and can receive mission updates and activities through e-mail. NASA’s virtual guest program for lcrd includes carefully planned launch resources, notification of relevant opportunities and passport seals of virtual guests

if you want to know more about the development of lcrd, you can use the laser communication program of NASA edge

NASA’s the invisible network podcast will launch a special lcrd series for the first time on launch day, and more content will be released on the next four Wednesdays. The podcast will highlight the future of laser communication technology and the people behind it

it is understood that NASA’s lcrd was launched on the space test program satellite-6 (stpsat-6) of the US Department of defense, which is part of the space test program 3 mission. Another NASA scientific payload, uvsc Pathfinder, namely the ultraviolet spectrometer photon Pathfinder, will also be launched with stpsat-6. The mission is a joint experiment between NASA and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. It will study the origin of solar high-energy particles

the lcrd project is led by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Partners include NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Southern California. Lcrd is funded through NASA’s technology demonstration mission program, which is part of the space technology mission agency and belongs to the space communication and navigation (scan) program at NASA headquarters in Washington