Never underestimate an introvert

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introverted people are honest and worthy of deep friendship

Mr. Zhou Guoping said:

“Extroverts tend to get many friends, but real friends are always few. Introverts are lonely. Once they get friends, they are often true.”

introverted people are not good at socializing and chatting, but it doesn’t mean that their expression ability is really poor.

in making friends, they know how to listen, treat people attentively, and once they make a commitment, they will try their best to achieve it.

in doing things, they are less talk and more do, reassuring and trustworthy.

when communicating with introverts, maybe at the beginning They will feel embarrassed, but after a long time, they will find that they are more loyal to their hearts, pay attention to quality rather than quantity, pursue high-quality and stable social relations, and will sincerely make friends with their friends.

nest Valley Yes Su Shi is a young man with few good words.

when Su Shi was an official, he retreated and avoided it; Su Shi was demoted to Changhua, and those eloquent scholar bureaucrats dared not communicate with him on weekdays. Only Chaogu hurried to Su Shi and taught him to reclaim wasteland, build houses and farm fields.

later, Su Shi was transferred back to Bianjing for promotion. The scholar bureaucrats and friends who had disappeared before flocked again To Su Shi’s”good words” Never stop.

Su Shi couldn’t find the introverted nest valley.

it wasn’t until Su Shi was demoted to Hainan in his later years, and nest Valley appeared in his 70s. He traveled thousands of miles to find Su Shi with medicinal materials, and later died of illness in another country.

people can’t help but sigh that life is enough to have a sincere friend like this!

Confucius said:

“Perseverance, stupidity and benevolence are close to benevolence, and clever words and colors are fresh.”

a true friend is not a person who is good at rhetoric and only shares the highlights of your scenery for a while, but a person who always accompanies you to the end without any interests at any time.

a slow person may not make too many friends in his life, but they will cherish the people who appear in his life.

Mr. Mu Xin’s poem has been widely spread:

“in the past, the sun became slow, cars and horses were slow, and emails were slow. You could only love one person in your life.”

in this”fast food” era, no matter what the relationship between people, the people who quickly approach you will leave more quickly.

after all, slow down is the most stable way of communication.

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introverted people are focused and insightful

there is an old saying:

” being alone means being unique; a unique person means being extremely expensive.”

Susan Kane, an introverted writer since childhood, focused on thinking and exploration. She spent seven years writing the best-selling book quiet:the competitiveness of introverted character, and found that about one-third to one-half of people in the world are introverted.

as we all know, Haruki Murakami is a person who is very happy to enjoy solitude.

he can find his own fun in the boring and seemingly invariable living alone life, so he has written many excellent and wonderful literary works.

he frankly said:

“It’s a lifelong dream for me to stay at the bottom of the well alone.”

I know that someone once asked in “what is a’Murakami Chunshu type’ person?”

I saw a message saying:

“I like to spend time alone, like to keep a distance from others, deep and introverted, but very sincere. If you are lucky to meet such a person, you will gradually find that he is reliable and introverted, and will be infected by his rich emotions that he does not want to flow on the surface.”

although introverts like to be alone and rarely pay attention to external trivial things, they are quiet and steady, have insight, know how to think about their own value and behavior, and focus on doing one thing in their own field, so they are easier to achieve.

therefore, the time when others look lonely is the best time for them to add value to their life.

Einstein once said:

“the monotony and loneliness of quiet life stimulate my creativity.”

in the Forrest Gump’s true story , although Forrest Gump’s brain is slow and his intelligence is only 75%of that of ordinary people, he is always ridiculed as a”fool” However, he kept on improving himself, focused on one thing, and was not affected by the outside world. God didn’t live up to his seriousness, so he gained a lot from every experience.

when he was a child, in order to avoid bullying, he listened to his friends Jenny started running, fell and got up repeatedly. Then he ran into getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=3d97b0fe4222ee005b1efc3dabaefcc2 - Never underestimate an introvert

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at each stage, he only does one thing seriously and does not want to think about the East and the West. Just because he does not think much, he can create enviable miracles.

don’t underestimate some introverts around you, because they have determination and willpower you can’t think of.

they will take the initiative to shield the outside The world interferes, focuses on growth with abundant energy, excavates one’s own potential, and then waits for the blooming day to bloom in an extraordinary brilliance at a certain moment.

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introversion is not a defect, but an underestimated advantage

there is a popular saying on the Internet:

“The more introverted people are, the more amazing they are.”

father of wechat Zhang Xiaolong , who was not good at communication since childhood, was also described by his cousin as”quiet as a sister”

but it was this lonely character that made him devote more time and energy to his work and successively developed foxmail1, QQ email and wechat products.

but with the greater his reputation, the more low-key he declined to interview and award awards, and always replied,”I don’t need a colorful life.”

some media described him as”low in the dust.”

I know someone commented on him:

“in him, I saw that he was shy on the outside, but he had a kind of forbearance and patience that could achieve great things. He had a burst of self-confidence in a small field of his own, but he was not easy to show off.”

as he said:

“every child who is not good at communication has a strong internal power to help others communicate.”

introverts, who are used to and enjoy being alone, tend to refuse all meaningless social networking, are keen on in-depth learning and introspection, and are more willing to calm down and talk to themselves and pay attention to what they want and how to achieve it.

there is a saying deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

“introversion is not a disadvantage. You should allow some people to have a quiet youth.”

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indeed, introversion is not a defect, it is just a kind of character.

like character is a building, and different types of characters are like buildings of different styles, with unique characteristics.

introverts may be slow and hot, but they will accompany their best friends through spring and autumn with pure sincerity.

introverts may not be gregarious, but they They will focus on tapping their potential when they are alone.

introverts may be dull, but they will use a quiet way to find the fun of life and the most precious things.

introverts hide many excellent qualities. They know how to accept themselves, embrace their character, and then absorb the power of introversion, which enable them to shine and heat on their own, Become the brightest star.

therefore, don’t underestimate introverts.

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