Open operation, today!

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Open operation, today

with g9693 Fuxing train

departing from Jishou east station and heading for Changsha South Station

Zhangjiajie Jishou Huaihua high speed railway

(hereinafter referred to as Zhang Jihuai high speed railway)

3583030231 - Open operation, today!

Zhang Jihuai high speed railway is located in the west of Hunan Province, starting from Zhangjiajie west station of Guizhou Changzhou Railway in the north, Through Jishou City, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture and Mayang Miao Autonomous County, Huaihua City, Huaihua City, Huaihua South Railway Station is introduced. The total length of the line is 245km and the design speed is 350km per hour. There are 7 passenger stations in Zhangjiajie West, Furong Town, Guzhang West, Jishou East, Fenghuang ancient city, Mayang West and Huaihua South, of which Zhangjiajie West Railway Station and Huaihua South Railway Station are existing stations

Open operation, today!

as the regional connecting line of China’s “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway network, Zhangji Huaihua high-speed railway connects Guizhou Changzhou Railway in the north and Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway and huaiheng railway in the south, which perfectly depicts the western half ring of Hunan Provincial express railway channel. The newly generated Provincial Railway Express channel seems to be worn on the land of Sanxiang “Golden wreath” 。

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Fuxing train runs fast among the mountains, connecting dozens of scenic spots such as Tianmen Mountain, Mengdong River, Ganzhou ancient city, Furong Town, Aizhai · shibadong · Dehang Grand Canyon Scenic Spot and Fenghuang ancient city It is of great significance to improve the travel conditions of people along the line, promote the development of tourism resources and promote the revitalization and development of rural areas.

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tunnels are connected and bridges are connected. Zhang Jihuai high-speed railway not only crosses Wuling mountain area, but also crosses Lishui, Youshui, Donghe, Tuojiang, Jinjiang and Wushui Rivers. Since the construction started in December 2016, 162 bridges and 118 tunnels have been built along the line, accounting for 90.7% of the total length of the line.

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Zhang Jihuai high speed railway is not only a golden tourism line, but also a Rural Revitalization line and livelihood development line. In today’s shibadong village, a new folk song is sung among the people: “The Miao family lives in jinyinwo. There are many natural resources in the territory. They have access to water and electricity, and every household can live a new life.”

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“the four high-speed railway stations in Xiangxi will help mountain goods out of the mountain and revitalize the rural commodity economy.” Fu Zhuo, Professor of Central South University, believes that.

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after the opening of Zhang Jihuai high-speed railway, characteristic agricultural products such as Guzhang Maojian, Mayang rock sugar orange, Baojing Golden Tea and mulberry kiwi fruit catch the “high-speed railway express” and walk into the dining table of every household.

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(effective from December 7)

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at present, there are direct multiple unit trains to Zhangjiajie in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. If you start from Beijing, you can reach the ancient city of Phoenix in 7 hours and 38 minutes.

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Zhang Jihuai high speed rail ticket Has begun to sell

specific train number, time and other information

passenger friends can query “China Railway” wechat

railway 12306 website, wechat, client

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