Month: December 2021

More than 21 million new crowns were confirmed in 28 days, and the epidemic data of many countries set a new record

China News Agency, Beijing, December 31 – comprehensive news: according to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 12:21 Beijing time on the 31st, there were 286523281 new crown confirmed cases worldwide. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in recent 28 days has exceeded 21 million, with an average daily increase of about 750000 cases; The cumulative number of deaths was 5429324, and the cumulative number of deaths in recent 28 days reached 195000.


Wei Qiuyue donated Rio Olympic gold medal: I hope the women’s volleyball spirit can inspire more people

Beijing, December 31 (Bian Liqun) on December 31, “inheritance and Transcendence – the road of double Olympics Chinese Sports Culture Exhibition” was officially launched in the capital museum. Wei Qiuyue, a famous female volleyball player, donated the gold medal of the Rio Olympic Games to the China Sports Museum. She expressed the hope that the spirit of the women’s volleyball team could inspire more people.