Robin Li’s new book, “intelligent transportation”, describes the future of intelligent transportation.

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Beijing, December 2   Intelligent transportation: major changes affecting mankind in the next 10-40 years (hereinafter referred to as “intelligent transportation”), published by the people’s publishing house, has been distributed in Xinhua bookstores nationwide since December 2. The book analyzes and expounds the “Chinese model” of intelligent transportation construction in a three-dimensional way from a Chinese perspective and an international perspective

Robin Li’s new book, “intelligent transportation”, describes the future of intelligent transportation.

book cover of Intelligent Transportation: major changes affecting mankind in the next 10-40 years. People’s publishing house is

, the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, Robin Li. The book has 330000 words and is divided into 12 chapters, covering the main fields of intelligent transportation, including intelligent transportation operators, intelligent information control, intelligent parking, vehicle road coordination, intelligent high-speed, intelligent vehicles and automatic driving, maps, Maas travel as a service, intelligent transportation and carbon neutralization, man-machine hybrid era, etc

it is understood that the book not only explains the integrated application of technology and transportation industry, but also analyzes 30 representative urban cases, providing practical reference and direction guidance for the transformation of transportation intelligence

it is reported that the book systematically puts forward six innovative ideas and modes in the field of intelligent transportation in China for the first time, namely, intelligent transportation operator mode, vehicle road cooperative automatic driving, adaptive intelligent information control system, technical difficulties and breakthroughs of high-level automatic driving above L4, Maas travel as a service mode, intelligent estimation of travel time of map ETA and travel reservation

the book also prospectively describes the future of Intelligent Transportation: the intelligent transportation system constructed by new technologies, new ideas and new models is expected to reduce traffic safety accidents by 90%. In the future, relying on the improvement of traffic efficiency, the problem of urban congestion will be basically solved; With the popularity of shared unmanned cars, the demand for private cars will be greatly reduced. (end)