The “earth black box” will record the process that human beings may fall into climate chaos

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cb4262a089cfff1 - The "earth black box" will record the process that human beings may fall into climate chaos

anyway, the news around climate change and the overall warming trend on the earth is uncomfortable to read. The goal of the Paris Agreement is to control the temperature rise within 1.5 º C of the pre industrial level, so as to avoid the worst impact of climate change. However, as outlined in the latest United Nations emission gap report, mankind is on the track of exceeding the standard, and it is expected that the temperature will rise by 2.7 º C by the end of this century

the short-term outlook is also shocking. The latest IPCC report released in August shows that we will reach the 1.5 º C mark within 20 years, and the consequences are expected to be terrible. Temperatures around the world will rise and have a huge impact on the Arctic, where temperatures are expected to more than double the global average, which will greatly accelerate the thawing of permafrost and the melting of sea ice

in addition, due to the increase of precipitation, it is expected that natural disasters such as floods and debris flows in high latitudes will increase and increase the frequency, while drought will cause damage to other areas, and low-lying coastal areas will experience floods and erosion due to more destructive storm surges. At the same time, the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere makes the ocean more acidified, which will threaten marine species. The impact of all this on agriculture and food security is a terrible unknown, as is the prospect of climate refugees fleeing poverty and hunger

there is still a lot of speculation about what the future will look like, but experts generally agree that more needs to be done and faster. The grand goal behind the newly announced “earth black box” is to stimulate this transformation by emphasizing the wrong measures taken by mankind in the process of stumbleing towards climate disaster

just as the black box on the plane collects flight data information and reveals key insights before the accident, the steel structure formed in Tasmania, Australia, plans to do so and focuses on the collapse of civilization. In this way, it will provide a record of our decline for any future civilization

The “earth black box” will record the process that human beings may fall into climate chaos

according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the earth’s black box is being built on a granite plain, which was selected for its geopolitical and geological stability. The box is built to surpass humans. Its steel wall is 3 inches (7.5 cm) thick. In addition, it will be powered by roof solar panels and backup batteries. It will accommodate a large number of storage drives to record developments related to climate science and earth health and download them from the Internet with the help of a specially established algorithm

ABC disclosed that this will include measurements of land and ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, wildlife extinction, energy use and human population. In addition to these hard data, the “earth black box” will also collect background information, such as news headlines, social media posts and the progress of important climate change conferences

part of the idea behind the “earth black box” is not only to record the journey to the desolate world, but also to hold accountable the leaders who made the decisions to get us there. It is expected to have enough capacity to store data for the next 30 to 50 years. In addition, it plans to allow those who visit the website to access its information through digital platforms and wireless connections

the earth black box is a cooperative project between researchers from the University of Tasmania, marketing company clemenger BBDO and other companies. The construction is planned to start in the middle of next year. However, these hard disks began to collect information during the cop26 climate conference last month. Now the recorded beta data is displayed on the project website

“how the story ends depends entirely on us,” the website wrote, “but only one thing is certain. Your actions, inaction and interaction are now recorded.”