The essence of the failure of anti epidemic is the failure of American governance system

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The American governance system is systematic and multi-level, and the so-called “power check and balance politics” has declined into “veto politics”

“anti epidemic politicization” is becoming more and more intense, and the phenomena of “patching” and “turning over baked cakes” emerge one after another, delaying the best time for anti epidemic

at least 16 states in the United States recently reported cases of infection with Omicron virus. After being hit hard by the epidemic wave after wave, the situation in the United States this winter is still grim

facts have proved that the United States, the world’s richest, most developed and most abundant in medical resources, failed to pass the epidemic “stress test”. Moreover, the failure of “American democracy”, the vicious circle of “veto politics”, the intensification of “anti epidemic politicization” and the underlying logic of anti epidemic with the color of “social Darwinism” all make the United States delay the best time to fight the epidemic, and to a large extent, the avoidable tragedy continues

systemic and multi-level disability and failure of the U.S. governance system

in the face of the major global and long-term challenge of epidemic prevention and control, the systemic and multi-level disability and failure of the U.S. governance system is highlighted again

since the outbreak of the epidemic, the world’s understanding of the virus and the effectiveness of prevention and control measures have been greatly improved. Even if the federal and local governments in the United States have no successful experience, they should at least learn from the failure. Moreover, the United States produced and stockpiled NEW crown vaccines several times more than its population earlier than many countries. However, the number of new diagnoses and deaths in the United States is still the world’s “double crown”

The essence of the failure of anti epidemic is the failure of American governance system

△ on September 17, a white flag with words and sentences in memory of relatives was placed on the lawn near the Washington Monument in Washington, the capital of the United States

zenep tufiqi, an associate professor at the University of North Carolina, commented in the New York Times recently. Facts have proved that the epidemic is like a stress test in recent two years, but the United States failed. “People who lack confidence in the (US) system have personally experienced that the failure of their own system has reached such a point that it will fuel the angry struggle on how to fight the epidemic.”

Dr. Martin setron of the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention, who has fought against Ebola virus in Africa for many years, The phenomenon of people losing confidence in the national governance system during the epidemic was described as “trust bankruptcy”. “Now, the United States is bankrupt,” said tufic, whose grief and helplessness were expressed in his words</ P>

power checks and balances and political decline is “veto politics”. Under the

federal system, COVID-19 and other public health affairs belong to the state power of the states of the United States, and are mainly managed by state and local governments. The United States has never been able to form a unified national anti epidemic plan

for a long time, as representatives of different interest groups and voter groups, it has become increasingly difficult for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to cooperate and discuss national affairs based on the goal of “winning” in the two-year primary election and the four-year general election

The essence of the failure of anti epidemic is the failure of American governance system(1)

△ on September 17, the Capitol was photographed through the isolation fence in Washington, D.C.

in order to consolidate their basic voters and please swing voters, the two parties will need to focus on the “short-term” and “fragmentation” of major national economy and people’s livelihood issues and policy design with a long-term perspective, Where there are votes, we can do whatever we can to win votes, and we can do whatever we can to dig the other side’s wall

the so-called power check and balance politics has declined into a vicious circle of “veto politics”, “minority decides the majority” and “minority kidnaps the majority”, wrangling and quarreling, with “system” but no “balance”, and low efficiency

in a sense, political stance has been transformed into identity. Even the most economical and effective basic epidemic prevention measure, wearing masks, has been labeled as Democrats or Republicans

“anti epidemic politicization” delays the opportunity to save lives

the epidemic prevention measures formulated by the U.S. Federal epidemic prevention agencies and infectious disease experts are either delayed or shelved, and those implemented are often discounted. Republican lawmakers in at least 26 states in the United States have weakened the power of local health officials to deal with the epidemic in the form of legislation. Many U.S. public health officials, including fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, have been denounced during the anti epidemic campaign, for which there are many resignants

The essence of the failure of anti epidemic is the failure of American governance system(2)

△ on June 30, 2020, in Washington, D.C., an important member of the White House coronavirus response working group and director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, Anthony fouch attended the hearing of the Senate health, education, labor and Pensions Committee

with the increasingly extreme party struggle, “anti epidemic politicization” is becoming more and more intense. Since Biden took office, he has realistically taken the promotion of vaccination as the “main weapon” of anti epidemic. After the rapid expansion in the first few months, the vaccination speed and scale have stagnated. The resistance mainly comes from the opposition and resistance of Republican governors and their supporters

after the delta strain triggered the fourth wave of epidemic in the United States in southern states with low vaccination rate, Biden issued a vaccine injunction in September, which was originally scheduled to be implemented on January 4, 2022, but it has been appealed to the court and stopped by many Republican states. As of December 2, 197 million people in the United States had completed the new crown vaccination, less than 60% of the total population of the United States

“social Darwinism” ignores human rights

as the “leading brother” of Western capitalist society, the underlying logic of the American anti epidemic model obviously also has the obvious characteristics of extreme individualism and social Darwinism. Protecting the economy is more important than protecting human life, and saving the stock market is more important than saving the epidemic situation

The essence of the failure of anti epidemic is the failure of American governance system(3)

△ the wall street street sign next to the New York Stock Exchange was photographed on October 30, 2020

most medical institutions and medical insurance enterprises in the United States are private, with high medical costs, and about 25 million vulnerable groups cannot afford insurance. A large number of infected people become the source of infection because it is difficult to obtain timely treatment, which intensifies the spread of the virus. Some medical institutions even acquiesce in “selective treatment” for poor and ethnic minority patients

according to the data of CDC, the risk of Latinos infected with the new crown is twice that of whites, and the risk of dying from the new crown is 2.3 times that of whites; Native Americans and African Americans also have a higher risk of infection and death than whites

while a large number of low-income groups bear the pressure of unemployment, poverty and high infection risk, from March 2020 to January 2021, thanks to the generous rescue of the U.S. government, the total wealth of more than 600 U.S. billionaires increased from about $2.947 trillion to $4.085 trillion, an increase of 38.6%

“the fact that the anti epidemic performance of the United States is so bad profoundly shows how rotten our system and capacity have been,” tufiqi said

The essence of the failure of anti epidemic is the failure of American governance system(4)