The foreign ministry answered questions on the frequent overflights of Chinese territorial waters by US aircraft

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On December 3, 2021, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian chaired a regular press conference

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at the invitation of the governments of Cyprus, Congo (Brazzaville) and Sierra Leone, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Yang Jiechi, director of the office of the Central Foreign Affairs Working Committee, will pay an official visit to the three countries from December 3 to 7

CCTV reporter from CCTV: a few days ago, the spokesman of the UN Secretary General said that so far, no low-income country has achieved the goal of vaccinating 40% of the population. The United Nations goal of vaccinating 40% of the world’s population by the end of 2021 may not be achieved as scheduled. What is China’s comment on this

Zhao Lijian: China has always advocated that, as a powerful weapon to overcome the epidemic, vaccines should be used as global public goods to benefit more people around the world to the greatest extent. We do what we say. China is the country that provides the most vaccines in the world. So far, it has provided more than 1.85 billion doses of vaccines to more than 120 countries and international organizations. China’s vaccine has played an important role in helping countries fight the epidemic, and has been widely welcomed and highly recognized by all parties

China always believes that fighting the epidemic is the common responsibility of all countries. The widening of the “immunization gap” between developed and developing countries has delayed the process of global war and epidemic, which is a serious injustice to the people of developing countries. Major vaccine R & D and production countries should earnestly shoulder their responsibilities and implement their commitments to provide vaccines to foreign countries as soon as possible, so that vaccines can reach more countries at a faster speed and at a lower cost

China will continue to do its best to provide more safe and effective vaccines to the world, especially to developing countries, continue to promote the equitable distribution and use of vaccines in the world, and continue to make positive contributions to mankind’s common, rapid and complete victory over the epidemic

Radio Hong Kong: the United Nations General Assembly recently adopted the resolution on the Olympic Truce of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. What is China’s comment on this

Zhao Lijian: on December 2, the 76th United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the resolution on the Olympic Truce of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games jointly drafted by China and the International Olympic Committee, which was proposed by 173 member states. Representatives of many member states spoke enthusiastically to express their support for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the truce resolution

the resolution urges all countries to observe the Olympic Truce from 7 days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to 7 days after the closing of the Beijing winter Paralympic Games, emphasizes the vision of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games – “pure ice and snow, passionate dating”, and especially proposes to recognize the role of sports in building global capacity to deal with the impact of the epidemic, He stressed that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be an opportunity to show the valuable value of human solidarity, resilience and international cooperation

the truce resolution of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was adopted by consensus and proposed by the vast majority of United Nations Member States. This reflects the support of all countries for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the International Olympic movement, and also demonstrates the firm determination of the international community to work together in the same boat, overcome the epidemic, achieve peace and work together for the future

at present, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have entered the countdown sprint stage. We believe that under the guidance of the Olympic spirit and with the joint efforts of all parties, we will be able to present a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic event for the world

Agence France Presse: on Thursday, the U.S. market regulator passed a regulation allowing it to delist foreign companies that cannot provide information to audit institutions from the Wall Street exchange. This may prevent Chinese companies from listing in the United States. How do you respond to this

Zhao Lijian: the relevant measures of the US side are another concrete action to suppress the politics of Chinese enterprises and another concrete manifestation of the US side’s suppression and containment of China’s development. We firmly oppose this. China has always believed that in today’s highly globalized capital market, the right way to solve the problem is for all parties concerned to strengthen dialogue and cooperation on issues such as strengthening cross-border regulatory cooperation and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Politicizing securities regulation at the expense of others will not only deprive American investors of the opportunity to invest in many of the world’s fastest-growing companies, but also deprive American professional service institutions of many business opportunities. The United States should recognize the situation and provide a fair, just and non discriminatory environment for foreign enterprises to invest and operate in the United States, rather than setting up numerous obstacles. China will take necessary measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests

reporter from Oriental satellite TV: it is reported that on December 2, after inspecting Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Fengzhi gengta, director of Japan Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission, told the media that it is difficult to start the discharge of nuclear polluted water to the sea in the spring of 2023, and TEPCO should submit relevant applications required for the sea discharge plan within the year. Gengta also said that there is no technical challenge in discharging nuclear polluted water into the sea. What is China’s comment on this

Zhao Lijian: China is seriously concerned that Japan continues to promote the preparation for the discharge of Fukushima nuclear contaminated water into the sea. Japan’s unilateral decision to discharge nuclear contaminated water into the sea was wrong. This decision did not exhaust safe disposal means, did not fully disclose relevant information, and did not fully consult with neighboring countries and the international community, which was widely opposed by the international community. At present, the technical working group of the International Atomic Energy Agency is working on the disposal of nuclear contaminated water in Fukushima. It is extremely irresponsible for Japan to continue to promote the preparations for sea discharge

the international community should resolutely oppose Japan’s selfish and beggar thy neighbor approach, urge Japan to immediately revoke its wrong decision to discharge nuclear polluted water into the sea and immediately stop the preparations for sea discharge

People’s Daily: on December 1, the Kennedy School of Harvard University released a poll for groups aged 18 to 29. According to the poll, 52% of young people believe that American democracy has failed or is in trouble, and only 7% believe that the United States is a healthy democracy. Poll organizers say young Americans are sounding the alarm. What is China’s comment on this

Zhao Lijian: I have noticed relevant reports. Previous polls showed that 44% of people around the world believe that the United States is the biggest threat to global democracy, and 81% of Americans believe that American democracy faces a serious threat from home. This once again shows that American democracy, which has lost the support of the people, has long become a water without a source and a tree without roots

Oliver Stone, a famous American director, once said that it would cost US $14 billion to elect a president in the United States. What kind of democracy is this? He’s right. Isn’t American Democracy Money democracy? American democracy is a trick to deceive the people at home and a tool to implement hegemonic policies abroad. The riots in the US Congress have exposed the myth of American democracy. The collapse of Afghanistan shows that it is impossible to impose American democracy on other countries

Pakistan News Agency: Pakistan and China are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. At present, the two sides have organized more than 100 celebrations. What do you think of the future relationship between the two countries

Zhao Lijian: as you said, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan. In order to celebrate this important year, the two sides agreed to hold more than 100 celebrations. So far, more than 120 celebrations have been held, including “tall” activities such as leaders’ congratulatory messages and reception for the establishment of diplomatic relations, as well as “grounded” activities such as essay solicitation, painting competition and food festival. It can be said that various activities are rich and colorful, extensive and in-depth, and have achieved good results

the foundation of China Pakistan friendship lies in the people, and the strength of life comes from the people. China is willing to take the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Pakistan as an opportunity to continue to inherit and carry forward China Pakistan friendship, further expand and deepen practical cooperation in various fields, constantly tighten cultural ties, promote greater development of China Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative partnership and build a closer China Pakistan community of common destiny in the new era

reporter from China Daily: it is reported that on the 2nd, the US Deputy Secretary of state Sherman and the Secretary General of the EU foreign action agency sunino chaired the second meeting of the “US Europe China related dialogue” in Washington and issued a statement saying that the US and Europe will cooperate with China in possible fields and responsibly control the relationship between competition and institutional competitors. The two sides will continue to pay attention to China’s human rights issues in multilateral mechanisms. What is China’s response to this

Zhao Lijian: both China, the United States and Europe are forces that have an important impact on world peace and stability and bear important responsibilities for the future and destiny of mankind. China is firmly opposed to drawing a line with ideology and openly provoking confrontation

what I want to emphasize is that there is certain competition in international relations, but we can’t define the overall picture of state-to-state relations by “competition” or “opponent”, let alone damage other countries’ sovereignty, interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, or even openly join hands to curb and suppress specific countries under the banner of competition. The “cold war” has been over for 30 years. The Cold War mentality should be abandoned and the haze of the cold war should be dispelled. All parties should comply with world peace and development, the common aspiration of people of all countries to pursue cooperation and win-win results and the trend of the times, adhere to open cooperation, dialogue and consultation, and inject more stability and positive energy into the world, rather than reversing history and reviving the ghost of the cold war

when it comes to human rights, the United States and some EU countries have serious human rights problems. Including the chronic disease of systematic racism, countless human rights abuses such as child labor, forced labor, gun violence and hate crimes, as well as human tragedies and human rights wounds caused in overseas battlefields such as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, which have not yet been healed. If the United States and the European Union really care about human rights, what they should do most is to reflect on their own problems and pay off their historical debts, rather than spreading false information, attacking and smearing other countries under the guise of human rights

reporter from Phoenix Satellite TV: follow up on the “China related dialogue between the United States and Europe”. We note that the relevant statement mentioned the importance of diversifying the supply chain and solving China’s “economic coercion”. In addition, the statement also mentioned that it expressed strong concern about China’s unilateral actions in the Taiwan Strait, the East China Sea and the South China Sea. What is the speaker’s comment on this

Zhao Lijian: how the United States and Europe develop bilateral economic and trade relations is their own business, but we should not talk about China. I want to ask some people, what is the basis for groundless accusations of China’s “economic coercion”? First, China is not prone to bullying and sanctions, second, it is not engaged in “long arm jurisdiction”, and third, it is not unreasonable to suppress enterprises of various countries. Why is it said to be “coercive”? We all know that “coercion” is the strength and characteristic of the United States. Through its own policies and actions, the United States has provided the world with classic textbooks and cases of economic coercion. The United States has long waved a “sanctions stick” against Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, provoked a “trade war” against many countries at will, abused the name of national security and wantonly suppressed high-tech enterprises in other countries. I believe the European side still has fresh memories of the coercion of the French Alstom and Australian nuclear submarine projects by the United States? China is willing to continue to work with all parties to jointly maintain the stability and smoothness of the global industrial chain and supply chain

with regard to the concern expressed by the United States and Europe about China’s so-called “unilateral actions” in the Taiwan Strait, the East China Sea and the South China Sea, I would like to say that the DPP authorities’ collusion with external forces to engage in provocative activities for independence is the greatest threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the root cause of the current tension in the Taiwan Strait. It is of course necessary for China to respond resolutely to the separatist activities of “Taiwan independence” and the interference of external forces. What should the United States and Europe do