The “general worship meeting” is about to be held, but the United States said at this time that it may sanction Russia

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On December 7, local time, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin planned to hold a video meeting. It is expected that the two sides will focus on the recent increasingly tense situation in Ukraine

just before the meeting, the US media revealed that the us believed that Russia might invade Ukraine and would impose sanctions on Russia. Russian lawmakers responded that the United States deliberately escalated the situation before the meeting

The “general worship meeting” is about to be held, but the United States said at this time that it may sanction Russia

first use of protected video special line

recently, the United States and Russia have major differences on many issues, including the situation in Ukraine, immigration at the white wave border and the “Beixi 2” natural gas pipeline. Especially on the Ukrainian border, NATO led by the United States continues to exaggerate the remarks that “Russia will invade Ukraine”, which further worsens bilateral relations

to this end, the United States and Russia began to prepare for the “general worship meeting” a few days ago, and finally set the meeting time on December 7

according to the latest news from the Russian satellite network, the press secretary of the Russian President Peskov revealed on the 6th local time that the “general worship meeting” will hold talks using a protected video special line for the first time

Peskov added, “this will enable the presidents of the two countries to discuss the most important and confidential issues. A special line has been established earlier, but it has only been tested at work and has not been used by national leaders.”

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December 3 local time, A Ukrainian soldier in a trench in Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine

the United States was exposed that it may impose sanctions on Russia

Russian parliamentarians: just before the meeting

when meeting “everything is ready”, on the 6th local time, a senior official of the United States government told reporters that the United States government believes that Russia is ready to invade Ukraine in three directions

he pointed out that the United States did not know whether Putin had made a decision on “invading Ukraine”, but he believed that Putin had the ability to escalate the situation

the official said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States might provide military assistance to its allies in the north and East, and said Biden would tell Putin that any invasion would pay a “real price”

the official also added that if the invasion occurs, the United States and Europe will jointly implement major economic countermeasures, causing serious economic harm to Russia

in response, jabarov, the first vice chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation, responded that “this statement is issued to upgrade the situation before the Russian US presidential talks.”

he stressed that similar situations can make any progress in the negotiations regarded as a breakthrough made by Biden

recently, Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in continuous confrontation over military deployment in border areas. On December 3, Ukraine said that Russia had deployed more than 94000 troops on the Russian Ukrainian border. The United States and its NATO allies have repeatedly released news that Russia may “invade” Ukraine in winter

Russia has repeatedly denied the accusation of “invasion”, accused Ukraine of undermining stability, and hinted that Ukrainian government forces may be ready to launch an offensive in eastern Ukraine

The “general worship meeting” is about to be held, but the United States said at this time that it may sanction Russia(1)

on June 16 local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Biden met at a villa called Lagrange in Geneva, Switzerland

in addition to the border crisis, some US media reported that Putin and Biden are expected to fight over Ukraine’s accession to NATO at the meeting

Ukrainian President Zelensky hopes to join NATO, but Russia has always opposed it. Earlier this year, the press secretary of the Russian President Peskov said that if U.S. or NATO forces appear on Ukrainian territory, Russia will have to take measures to protect its own security

in response to this problem, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said on November 14 that Ukraine’s accession to NATO requires the unanimous consent of NATO member states, but NATO countries have not yet reached a consensus on this issue

US officials disclosed that if relevant issues were mentioned at the “general worship meeting”, any appeal by Putin to prohibit Ukraine from joining NATO would be rejected

in addition, the two will also have a dialogue on arms control, Iranian nuclear and network security

six months later, the “general worship meeting” will be held again. Although the form is different from the offline summit held in Geneva on June 16, the importance can be seen. The new york times even pointed out that this meeting is “the most critical, most likely and most important leaders’ meeting” since Biden took office

It remains to be seen whether the two sides can make breakthrough progress on a series of issues