The man who bought 3000 cars and reselled them at a discount without paying the balance was arrested, involving more than 160 million yuan

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After paying the deposit, the man directly sold the car at a discount and refused to pay the balance. Recently, Shanghai Yangpu police cracked a huge contract fraud case involving 161 million yuan

previously, Yangpu public security branch successively received reports from two automobile sales and service companies under its jurisdiction, saying that a car rental company in Liaoning only paid the advance payment when signing multiple automobile product purchase and sales contracts with it, but refused to pay the balance payment after the delivery of ordered vehicles, and these vehicles have been sold and realized by the company

after receiving the report, the Economic Investigation Detachment of Yangpu public security branch preliminarily confirmed that since November 2019, the two reporting units have signed seven car sales agreements with a car rental company in Liaoning by mail, negotiated the transaction price and sold them to the car rental company. After receiving the 20% deposit paid in advance by the car rental company, the reporting unit will send the car to Zhao (legal representative of the car rental company) Designated warehouse.

according to the time limit agreed in the contract, Zhao should pay the remaining car payment within 90 days after receiving the car, but Zhao was reluctant to pay the balance payment of the two injured units, and the car he had previously received was sold by Zhao at a price of 10% off the cost price. In this regard, the police confirmed that Zhao’s behavior was suspected of contract fraud, so they immediately established a special task force to carry out investigation.


p After further verification, the task force found that the car rental company had a long-term loss operation, and the legal representative Zhao, knowing that buying and selling cars at a high price and selling cars at a low price would lead to losses, and the company had no ability to repay, still signed a car purchase and sales contract with the victim unit, and sold the car after paying the advance purchase money to obtain the ownership of the car, so as to obtain a huge amount of car money.

according to According to Yangpu public security, the car rental company illegally sold more than 3000 cars, resulting in economic losses of 161 million yuan.

2026431855 - The man who bought 3000 cars and reselled them at a discount without paying the balance was arrested, involving more than 160 million yuan

at present, the man involved in the case has been arrested.

therefore, the task force has been sent to five provinces and cities such as Heilongjiang and Liaoning for continuous operations to deal with the vehicles and vehicles involved in the case Full of sound and colour facts, the police of the ad hoc group seized the crime in one stroke. After

arrived, the suspect, Zhao, confessed to the illegal act of swindling other company’s property by knowing that he still did not perform his duties.

checked that Zhao had made a successful business at first. The cost of investment is not high, it has been through loans to obtain funds and resell vehicles to make profits, but in recent years, due to poor management, the company has been losing money and deficit year by year. Seeing that the company has already died, Zhao began to touch the bottom line of law, making itself more and more deeply on the illegal road.

, the suspect Zhao has been approved by law. Arrest, the case is under further trial.

surging journalist Gong Hanwen