The rapid spread of Omicron is the first confirmed case in many countries in the world

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(novel coronavirus pneumonia), the first confirmed case of the world’s multi drug discovery, is emerging in Beijing, December. 7, December. Comprehensive news: the latest official data from WHO official website show that as of 19:34 noon in Central Europe, the total number of confirmed cases reached 265194191 cases, and 5254116 cases died. p>

The rapid spread of Omicron is the first confirmed case in many countries in the world

on December 1 local time, fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, said at the White House that there was the first case of infection with the new variant virus Omicron strain in the United States. The picture shows fudge attending the White House press conference that day. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng unified photo

America: Omicron banquet volume, about one-third of the states in the United States

according to the statistics of Johns Hopkins University on the 7th, 162106 new crown confirmed cases and 1212 new deaths were added in the United States in a single day, with a total of nearly 49.25 million confirmed cases and nearly 790000 deaths

according to foreign media reports quoting the U.S. health department, the Omicron mutant has spread to about one third of the states in the United States, and at least 16 states have reported cases of Omicron infection. However, delta mutant is still dominant in the epidemic in the United States</ P>

the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention transferred 6 countries’ COVID-19 risk rating from the third level (high risk) list to the fourth level (very high risk) list on the 7 th. These seven countries include Andorra, Cyprus, France, Jordan, Liechtenstein, Portugal and Tanzania

Chile began to vaccinate children aged 3 to 5 with China’s Kexing Xinguan vaccine on June 6. It is estimated that nearly 700000 people will be vaccinated. The president of Chile delivered a speech at the vaccination site that day, saying that Chile’s new crown vaccination plan took another big step forward to ensure the safety of more children and families in the country. At present, more than 14.22 million people in Chile have been vaccinated with at least one dose of new crown vaccine, reaching 93% of the target population

on the 6th, the president of Argentina received a booster injection of the new crown vaccine and called on the people of the country not to doubt the new crown vaccine and should continue to be actively vaccinated. He completed the two novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine in January and February this year, but once diagnosed the new crown pneumonia in early April. p>

according to the Ministry of health of Argentina, 2447 new confirmed cases and 24 new deaths were added in Argentina on the 6th, with a total of more than 5.34 million confirmed cases and more than 116000 deaths. The country has received nearly 70 million doses of Xinguan vaccine, covering more than 80% of the country’s total population

Europe: Omicron has spread rapidly. Hundreds of infections have been confirmed in Britain and Denmark

according to the data released on the website of the British government on the 6th, 51459 new crown confirmed cases have been added in Britain in a single day, nearly 8000 more than the previous day, 51 new deaths, more than 10.515 million confirmed cases and more than 145000 deaths

the latest data show that there are 90 new cases of Omicron infection in Britain, including 64 in England, 23 in Scotland and 3 in Wales. The cumulative number of Omicron infection cases has increased to 336. The British health secretary said on the 6th that the cases of Omicron infection found in various parts of the UK have nothing to do with international travel, which means that Omicron has spread in many communities

in order to prevent more imported cases of Omicron infection, the UK further tightened its immigration policy. From the 7th, all travelers over the age of 12 will be required to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate 48 hours before departure when entering the UK

Danish radio and television reported on the 6th that 261 cases of Omicron infection have been confirmed in Denmark according to the data of the Danish National Institute of serum

the French government held a health and National Defense Conference on June 6. The French Minister of health confirmed that 25 cases of Omicron infection have been confirmed in France, including 21 imported cases and 4 local cases</ P>

French Prime Minister said COVID-19 is accelerating the spread of all parts of France and all age groups, with the number of cases increasing more than the highest level of the previous fourth waves. He announced a series of new anti epidemic measures, such as strict social distance and wearing masks, to deal with the fifth wave of COVID-19. At the same time, he said no curfew or “strict urban control” would be adopted. p>

according to the statistics of the French Ministry of health, 11308 new confirmed cases and 192 new deaths were added in France on the 6th. The cumulative confirmed cases were close to 7.93 million and the cumulative deaths were close to 120000</ P>

, Russia’s COVID-19 epidemic prevention command headquarters, 6, said that in the past 24 hours, 32136 new confirmed cases have been added to Russia, 1184 new cases have been added, and more than 9 million 830 thousand cases have been confirmed, and more than 280 thousand cases have been accumulated. P>

, according to Russian satellite news agency 6, 10 of the Russian tourists returning from South Africa were positive for COVID-19, and two of them were confirmed to be infected with the mutant after being sequenced by the whole genome. This is the first reported case of Omicron infection in Russia

Asia: South Korea and Thailand reported the first case of Omikron infection

according to Yonhap, the South Korean epidemic prevention department said on the 7th that three foreign students studying in three universities of South Korea Foreign Studies University, Kyunghee University and Seoul University were infected with Omikron mutant. This is the first case of Omikron infection in Seoul. Infected people have been to a church where the outbreak occurred. There are concerns that Omicron may spread in Seoul through major universities. At present, colleges and universities with confirmed cases have taken emergency measures such as isolation of close personnel, rapid detection and online teaching

the Ministry of health of Thailand reported on the 6th that the first case of Omikron infection was found. The infected person was a tourist entering Thailand from Spain. The tourists conducted the first COVID-19 test in November 30th. The results showed that the possibility of infection of the 99.92% strains was about 99.92%. Its travel history is unclear

Japan reported a possible case of children infected with Omicron virus on the 6th. According to Japan’s NHK TV station, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, 6, said that in a close contact with the Japanese confirmed cases of infection in Namibia, a boy who was under the age of 10 with a history of travel in Namibia was positive for nucleic acid tests. Genomic analysis is ongoing to determine whether the Omicron variant is infected. Earlier, Japan had confirmed that a male diplomat in his 30s from Namibia and a male in his 20s from Peru were infected with the Omicron variant

the Japanese government submitted a supplementary budget for fiscal year 2021 to the diet on June 6, with a record amount of 36 trillion yen. Some of the funds will be used in the country’s latest economic plan aimed at helping the economy recover from COVID-19. p>

Africa: new confirmed cases in South Africa soared 289% within a week

according to the statistics of the South African Ministry of health on the 6th, 6381 new confirmed cases were added in South Africa that day. Due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in all provinces of the country, the newly confirmed cases in South Africa soared by 289% in a week, and the infection rate of the new crown soared to 3.5 from about 1 a month ago, which means that every confirmed person will spread the virus to another 3.5 people. However, statistics also show that the number and proportion of new crown disease deaths in South Africa decreased significantly in the same period. Preliminary studies by South African scientific research institutions believe that this may mean that the transmission of Omicron mutant is stronger, but the pathogenicity may be weaker. (end)