The spirit of “three oxen” — running to the future, we must have a “bull’s strength”

By yqqlm yqqlm

Nine oxen climb the slope and exert themselves. In Chinese culture, cow is a symbol of diligence, dedication, endeavor and strength, and is deeply loved by the Chinese people. “Serving the people, innovating and developing cattle, and working hard” has also become a vivid portrayal of the Chinese Communists who have led the Chinese people to unite and forge ahead over the past century

is the most spiritual. “Take the hearts of the people as the heart and breathe with the people”. Over the past 100 years, the Chinese Communists have “bowed their heads and willingly become children and cattle”, always adhered to the original heart and mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation, and United and led the people of all ethnic groups in the country to strive for national independence, people’s liberation, national prosperity and people’s happiness; “Wading through unparalleled roads and expanding uncultivated wasteland”, countless Communists strive to be “pioneers” on the way forward, forge ahead, forge ahead, fight their way through thousands of thorns, create a world from scratch, and create a human miracle that shines through history; With diligence, dedication, loyalty and hard work, we have established the most complete modern industrial system in the world from the manufacturing dilemma of “one car, one plane, one tank and one tractor can not be built”, from the contact dilemma of “telephone is also a luxury”, It has realized today’s smooth information, a network of roads, dense railways, high-speed railways, long-distance sailing of giant ships, flying of aircraft and walking in space…

if there is lingyunzhi in your chest, you don’t need to whip yourself up. Today’s happiness is done bit by bit. The dreamer’s world has never stopped and rested. “Learn the character of cattle, carry forward the spirit of cattle, work like cattle and work hard like cattle.” on the social platform, people enthusiastically praise the quality of cattle and absorb valuable spiritual power. On the way forward, carry forward the spirit of “three cows”, summon up “bull strength”, be full of “bull spirit”, cut through thorns, blaze new trails and move forward resolutely. China in the new era will be more “bull”! (text: Xu Ke poster design: Wang Ye)

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