The third season of “flavor world” is scheduled to explore local seafood cuisine

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Beijing, December 6 (Xinhua) on December 6, the “flavor of the world 3 · little fresh sea” with Chen Xiaoqing and Li Yong as the general directors officially released the main poster and trailer, announcing that it will go online on December 19

unlike the global food search in the previous two seasons, the third season of “flavor world” turns its perspective to China’s local seafood cuisine. The fixed file poster produced by the famous designer Huang Hai interprets the theme of this season – “little fresh in the sea”. On the poster, a fishing boat was sailing on the blue sea, with ripples like fish scales, which made people want to eat quickly

how to find amazing scenery, interesting characters, moving stories, seafood unknown to the audience, and the emotion and culture of the Chinese people behind the ocean? This is the biggest proposition of this season. The Daolai team led by general director Chen Xiaoqing went all the way from south to north, Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong and Liaoning… Against the wind and waves, just looking for the most attractive food loved by foreigners

The third season of “flavor world” is scheduled to explore local seafood cuisine

this time, the program team not only has to fight against the bad weather conditions at sea, but also presents a different freshness in a challenging environment. The escalating shooting difficulty also makes the “gold medal team” redouble their efforts in creation

in order to catch the most authentic local seafood, the film crew followed the fishing boat to rise and fall between the waves and explore the wonders. It is understood that, unlike the farmer’s “work at sunrise and rest at sunset”, in order to capture fresh ingredients, the whole shooting team often goes to sea in the dark before dawn, just to capture the most real fishing process of fishermen

The third season of “flavor world” is scheduled to explore local seafood cuisine(1)

after the first two seasons of flavor world were broadcast, it received warm feedback from many viewers and fans. In the third quarter, “small seafood in the sea” will bring the global vision back to the domestic market and focus on digging deep into the local flavor seafood. “A square inch dining table, a ladle of spring and autumn.” although delicious food is coveted, these moving stories hidden on China’s coastline are the core of the flavor World Series: the best moments are often eaten together with loved ones throughout the year

it is reported that “flavor world” will go online at 21:00 on December 19. (end)