The United States torn by Party Struggle: Republicans order or force the government to stop Biden’s vaccine

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On December 2, according to US media reports citing several sources on the 1st, conservative Republicans in the United States are secretly planning to force some government agencies to close on December 3 in order to cut off the funds of Biden’s private enterprise vaccine order

The United States torn by Party Struggle: Republicans order or force the government to stop Biden’s vaccine

on March 25 local time, US President Biden held his first official press conference in more than 60 days since taking office, answering hot issues such as border crisis, gun control, infrastructure plan and so on

politico of the United States quoted a source as saying that the operating funds of some government agencies will be exhausted at midnight on December 3. If the U.S. Congress does not pass the interim budget before that, the government will fall into partial suspension, which may lead to unpaid leave of hundreds of thousands of federal workers, delay the tax rebate and the release of economic data, and the national parks and monuments will also be forced to close

Congress needs to vote on a “continuing resolution” (CR) to maintain the operation of the federal government until early next year. Politico reported that several conservative Republican senators are planning to vote against the resolution. They hope this will force Democratic leaders to agree to cut off funding for the vaccine order

according to politico, as the deadline for the closure of the federal government is approaching, and Senate rules require that members must agree to act quickly. Conservative Republicans believe they can delay the vote on the budget until after midnight on December 3

Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee told the Utah times: “I think we all want to speed up the (budget) process through Cr, but if we don’t solve the problem of vaccine order, I can’t promote the process.”

Schumer, the majority leader and Democrat of the US Senate, said that he has met with the minority leader of the Senate Republican McConnell talked about avoiding a government shutdown. “Members of any small group can say that they want to close the government out of some demands. In that case, we will fall into chaos. It is up to the leaders of both sides to ensure that this will not happen.”

however, the house of Representatives freedom caucus sent a letter to McConnell on the 1st urging him to prevent the budget from passing, Unless the bill essentially prohibits the Biden administration from enforcing the vaccine order

when asked whether the federal government would be shut down due to the vaccine order dispute, McConnell said: “I think we will be fine.”

according to the Biden government’s private enterprise vaccine order, enterprises with more than 100 employees should ensure that their employees are fully vaccinated, or require employees who have not received the vaccine to wear masks and receive a new crown test at least once a week; The mask requirements for unvaccinated employees will not take effect until December 5, 2021, and the vaccination requirements will not take effect until January 4, 2022