There are 10 cases in Omicron, Italy. It is urgent to extend the state of emergency

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12 7, according to the European Union’s Internet union quoted by the European Union, the mutation of COVID-19’s Italy has been spreading continuously in Italy. On the 6 day of local time, the number of infected strains has increased to 10. The state emergency will end on 31, and the decision to extend the emergency is imminent because of the fact that COVID-19 is not optimistic. p>

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, according to reports, local time 6, Italy National Health Service Bureau (Agenas) announced the results of COVID-19 monitoring, the results showed that Italy has 7 regions and 1 autonomous regions of the hospital’s new crown beds occupancy rate has increased. In the medical field, the occupancy rate of general wards increased by 10%, and the occupancy rate of intensive care beds increased by 8%</ P>

on the same day, the Sardinia Health Bureau of Italy announced that there were 1 new COVID-19 infected variants in the region. The patient, a 27 year old man, was diagnosed with infection after returning to Italy from South Africa. This is the 10th confirmed case of Omicron in Italy

it is reported that the state of emergency in Italy will end on the 31st local time. According to the news from the Italian Prime Minister’s office, Prime Minister Draghi seems unwilling to continue to extend the state of emergency and hopes to return to the normal state before the epidemic to manage and govern the country. During Christmas, the Draghi government will decide whether to extend the state of emergency

it is reported that at present, the opinions of political parties in the Italian Parliament tend to end the state of emergency, but the development trend of the epidemic is not optimistic. If the state of emergency is not extended, according to the constitution, all current anti epidemic laws will face invalidation

then, one of the solutions to fight the epidemic in 2022 is likely to hand over the responsibility of fighting the epidemic to the Civil Defense Department, or establish a temporary institution in the prime minister’s office to continue to organize the fight against the epidemic and amend relevant laws through Parliament

it is reported that the Italian Ministry of civil defense reported 9503 new confirmed cases and 92 deaths on the 6th local time. (Boyuan)