Thousands of ancient dwellings of Zhejiang Longyou business Gang: a “gathering” of business road knowledge

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Quzhou, December 6 (trainee reporter Dong Yixin) during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a group of businessmen from Longyou, a small town in Western Zhejiang, rose in Jinqu basin, Zhejiang Province, went up to the Central Plains, down to the border and went to sea. At that time, they became the only “Longyou business Gang” named after the county-level administrative unit among China’s top ten business gangs, creating a business legend of “long you everywhere”

business gangs are formed by region, so they have different business awareness and cultural identity. The historical testimony of the Longyou business Gang is the thousands of ancient buildings preserved in the local area

the facade of a building is a symbol of the owner’s identity and status. Walking into Longyou folk house garden, a key national cultural relics protection unit, you can see pink walls, black tiles, horse head walls, high ridge cornices, especially the exquisite brick carvings on the lintel and outer wall, which all reveal the glorious history of Longyou business gang

Thousands of ancient dwellings of Zhejiang Longyou business Gang: a “gathering” of business road knowledge

brick carvings with the characteristics of Longyou ancient folk houses. Photo by Dong Yixin

it is understood that the number of ancient buildings preserved in Longyou ranks first in Zhejiang. Longyou folk house garden, founded in 1991, is a “large garden of ancient buildings” rebuilt in different places to focus on the protection of ancient buildings in China. It has ancestral temples, family temples, houses, academies, street buildings, stone pavilions, Zhaobi walls, theatres, etc. it is a representative Hui Style ancient Folk House complex in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

from the perspective of geographical location, Longyou is a thoroughfare and convenient water transportation in the four provinces, which is conducive to commerce and trade. After the Southern Song Dynasty established its capital in Hangzhou, Longyou business group developed and expanded with the advantages of resources and geography and the opportunity of economic development in the south of the Yangtze River

“Longyou merchants have many soft objects such as pearls, jade feathers, gemstones and cat eyes.” this was stated in Volume IV of guangzhiyi of the Ming Dynasty, Jiangnan provinces, when it was written about Longyou jewelry merchants

in history, jade and jadeite from Myanmar and India were the source of goods for the Longyou business gang. On the ancient “Southern Silk Road” and “Yunnan Tibet tea horse ancient road”, there were also Longyou merchant gangs

“Longyou businessmen are very low-key. In order to ensure the safety of goods, they’armed’ rare treasures on themselves. For example, they put on ragged cotton padded jackets, hid pearls, agates, sapphires, etc. in close fitting dog skin plaster and put them in shoes, so as to achieve the effect of concealment.” Huang Guoping, former director of Longyou County History Office, said

Thousands of ancient dwellings of Zhejiang Longyou business Gang: a “gathering” of business road knowledge(1)

sanmenyuan village, Shifo Township, Longyou County, has a pleasant scenery with a long history of ancient residential buildings and the local Fanzheng mountain. Photographed by Dong Yixin

the low-key Longyou business Gang outside has the Chinese people’s concept of returning home in prosperity and returning home in honor. With the accumulation of wealth, Longyou merchants built large-scale buildings, built homes, and glorified their lintels in their hometown…

among the buildings, “Jia and ru”

Quzhou, where Longyou is located, is the location of the Southern Sect of Confucius. Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Longyou people have developed from official to business, from business to official, from official to business, and a large number of talents have emerged. In history, there were 109 Jinshi and 2 champion in Longyou

Longyou folk houses, therefore, have the literati flavor of scholar bureaucrats in the south of the Yangtze River — which is reflected in the naming of Longyou ancient folk houses

in Longyou folk house garden, Gong’s ancient folk house built in the third year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty is named “Xiuyi zhuluan”. Huang Guoping told reporters that it means “bring all the beautiful landscapes to my home”. The pattern of “bat, sika deer, crane and magpie” on the door means “happiness, wealth, longevity and happiness”

in addition, most ancient people in Longyou used the patio that touched the ground and connected to the sky. The patio is the “eye of heaven”, which means that both learning and business are open and impartial. The patio integrates the weather and rain of nature into the hall, reflecting the ancient concept of respecting nature and the unity of heaven and man. It also contains the meaning of “four waters are one” and “fat water does not flow out”. From the perspective of practical benefits, the inclined roof can collect rainwater into the patio, combined with a complete water storage system, which can play a role in fire protection

Longyou merchants have a wide range of business and strong financial resources, which are also reflected in housing construction

for example, in the middle of Gong’s ancient people, a prominent wood carving depicts the figure of Western clock. Another ancient building in Longyou residential garden also depicts the repertoire of Wu Opera in the form of brick carvings on the doorplate

Huang Guoping said that brick carving is a major feature of Longyou ancient folk houses. Carving complex patterns, various styles and lifelike drama elements on the doorplate is to let the ancestors “see” the life of the future generations, so as to shine on the door. At the same time, each brick carving tells a vivid story, which also reflects the owner’s hope for a better future

the green brick wall and the black tile roof remain the same. Longyou in the new era is still a fertile land for business. According to official data, the county has been selected as one of the top 100 counties with investment potential in small and medium-sized cities in China for 14 times, among the top 100 counties and cities of national scientific and technological innovation, the top 100 counties and cities of China’s youth happy industry, the key contact County of national defense science, technology and industry, and the county in Zhejiang province that has accelerated the transformation and improvement of traditional manufacturing industry

a hundred years ago, the merchants of Longyou, who are all over the world, demonstrated the pioneering spirit of “opening the way in case of mountains and building a bridge in case of water”. Today, this thriving city is witnessing stories echoed by history one after another. (end)