Three major snow fields in Beijing municipal parks open for the new year

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From now on, 11 ice and snow play experience venues have been opened one after another, providing more than 40 kinds of activities, including speed skating skates, ice slides, ice dragon boats and other municipal parks. Three major snow fields have been opened to welcome the new year

1405458045 - Three major snow fields in Beijing municipal parks open for the new year

the 12th Taoran Pavilion ice and snow Carnival opened yesterday, providing nearly 30000 square meters of snow playground

our reporter (reporter Wang Bin) the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from the municipal park management center that as the first round of opening activities of the 8th Beijing Municipal Park Ice and snow fair, Taoran Pavilion, Zizhuyuan The snow sports in three municipal parks in Yuyuantan took the lead in welcoming guests yesterday, adding a situational experience of the ice and snow world to the new year’s Day holiday. More than 1000 road flags, colored flags and Winter Olympic knowledge exhibition boards are arranged in each sports venue to create a passionate atmosphere of “visiting the park, going on ice and snow and welcoming the Winter Olympic Games”. Although the ice rink has not been opened yet, citizens and tourists can also feel the sports fun brought by winter sports and Winter Olympic Games in advance

yesterday morning, the 12th Taoranting ice and snow Carnival officially met with citizens and tourists through a new “together to the future” flash snow dance. Nearly 30000 square meters of snow sports ground adopts the main visual color of red and blue contrast, and retains popular classic projects such as snow flying saucers, snow small tanks and snow yo yo. There are also licensed commodities for the Winter Olympic Games, Antarctic penguin stars and polar animal science popularization, so that more citizens can understand the Winter Olympic Games and fall in love with winter sports

on the day of the opening ceremony, children of all ages gathered together in Taoranting park to make “ice pier” and “snow Rongrong” with white ice and snow together with their parents, depict the Winter Olympic dream with sincere childlike innocence and bless the Winter Olympic athletes

at the same time, the 15000 square meter snow farm in the North Lake of Zizhuyuan Park is also open to tourists. The snow mountain slide with a height of 6 meters and a length of 80 meters is equipped with 16 ski trails. Tourists can sit on the snow circle and roar down from the top of the slide for tens of meters to experience the stimulation of flying on the snow; At the same time, there are eight classic snow fun entertainment items, such as snow tanks, motorcycles, go karts, armored vehicles, snow country trains, dynamic Youbo, whirlwind adventure, etc

the ice and snow Carnival in Yuyuantan Park, which opened at the same time, highlights the four characteristic highlights of Winter Olympics, orientation, parents and children and sports. The snow park, which is located in the West Lake of cherry garden, has been re planned. The whole activity site is more open and comfortable for sports. Children’s ice slides, snow mazes and snow tanks create an exclusive world suitable for children’s activities

according to pan Xianghua, deputy director of the service management office of the municipal park management center, in order to highlight the theme of “national fitness for the Winter Olympics, happy ice and snow round dream” in Beijing and provide citizens and tourists with an activity place where they can participate in ice and snow and feel the Winter Olympics, the municipal park management center has set up snow sports, traditional ice sports, Winter Olympics theme exhibitions Ice and snow cultural creation and other four plate activities. Starting from New Year’s day, 11 ice and snow play experience venues will be opened successively, including 7 ice rinks and 4 snow rinks, with a total area of nearly 600000 square meters, providing more than 40 kinds of ice and snow activities, including traditional speed skating skates and figure skates, nostalgic ice skates, ice slides, ice bicycles, novel ice drift cars, electric bumper cars, ice dragon boats, etc; Snow maze, snow treasure hunting, polar animal viewing, snow motorcycle and other winter snow projects that are easy to participate in and experience are carried out in the snow field area

among them, the Winter Olympics themed exhibitions include the Olympic culture exhibition in municipal parks launched by the municipal park management center in conjunction with the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center, the Centennial ice play festival in Beihai Park and the Winter Olympics popular science Gallery in the Chinese Garden Museum, which comprehensively display China’s traditional ice sports history and garden sports culture, popularize Winter Olympics knowledge and spread Olympic culture

in addition to snow activities held in Taoran Pavilion, Zizhuyuan and Yuyuantan Park, ice and snow activities in the summer palace and ice rinks in Beihai, Taoran Pavilion, Zizhuyuan and Yuyuantan Park are also ready. Depending on the ice thickness and weather conditions, they are expected to open in early January

during the new year’s Day holiday, the municipal parks and Chinese Garden Museum will strengthen the epidemic prevention and control, normalize and strictly manage. According to the relevant regulations on normalization of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, the flow is limited according to the proportion of people with 75% of the approved maximum carrying capacity of ice and snow sites. The service personnel of the snow field shall be vaccinated, wear masks and gloves, conduct daily health monitoring, and disinfect the activity facilities before business every day. Photo / our reporter Hao Yi

six river and Lake public ice rinks opened successively in early January

our reporter (reporter Xie Li) yesterday, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from the municipal water affairs bureau that it is expected that in early January, Beijing will open Bayi lake, the West Fourth Ring Section of Yongyin canal, Nanhu Longtan section, Mencheng lake, Xiaoyue lake Wenyuhe Park and other 6 330000 square meter River Lake public ice rinks for citizens to participate in and experience ice sports

it is understood that in order to welcome the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and expand the ice and snow activity space of river and lake ice rink, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Sports Bureau have jointly studied and improved the construction and operation mode of Beijing River and Lake public ice rink, and determined to further promote River and lake ice activities by means of “government leading, industry supervision, social participation and benefiting the people”. In November, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau organized the municipal water management unit and the District Water Affairs Bureau to investigate the open water areas of rivers and lakes that are suitable for ice activities and can ensure safety, screened 18 water areas such as Bayi lake, the West Fourth Ring Section of Yongyin canal and Mencheng lake, and jointly promoted them to social enterprises, associations and other third-party ice and snow activity operators with the Municipal Sports Federation and social center. At present, six water areas have successfully reached the intention of ice rink construction and operation, and the remaining 12 water areas do not meet the opening conditions temporarily due to local epidemic control, freezing or failure to reach the intention

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau said that at present, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau has completed the approval of water related activities of 6 planned ice rinks, organized River and lake management units to guide the operating enterprises to formulate the construction scheme of river and Lake public ice rink and further improve the service supporting facilities, water environment maintenance, ice surface monitoring, epidemic control and other measures. The operating enterprise is carrying out territorial filing work such as sports activities and social security

it is reported that from December 2020 to February 2021, Beijing will open four 200000 square meters public ice rinks and launch activities such as skating, ice hockey, ice cart, snow circle and so on. As of January 29, 2021, the ice rink has been closed, and four river and Lake public ice rinks have received 120000 people