Three Winter Olympic supporting roads in Shijingshan, Beijing were opened to traffic

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Three Winter Olympic supporting roads in Shijingshan are opened to traffic to alleviate regional congestion, and it is more convenient for residents to reach the Winter Olympic venues

1403229823 - Three Winter Olympic supporting roads in Shijingshan, Beijing were opened to traffic

yesterday, the supporting roads around the Winter Olympic venues in Shougang area, Shiguang Road, the West extension of Boiler Factory South Road and the south section of Bei Xin’an Road, organized and constructed by the public association of the first group, were officially opened to traffic. It is more convenient for residents living in wulituo and Sanjiadian areas to go to the central urban area. At the same time, it is more convenient for citizens to reach Shougang Park and Winter Olympic venues

at 10 a.m. yesterday, Shiguang road was released on time, and vehicles “stuck” in both lanes. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that in the past, residents living in wulituo and Sanjiadian areas had only one Shimen road to go to the central urban area, and congestion often occurred in the morning and evening peak. Now, citizens can drive directly from Shiguang road to the main road of Fushi expressway, which can save at least 20 minutes

Shiguang road is a north-south connecting line, starting from Fushi road in the South and Jingmen new line in the north, with a total length of about 2.1km. It is planned to be an urban trunk road, with a maximum speed limit of 60km per hour

Shiguang road is a newly added important transit channel parallel to Shimen road in the east of Shijingshan District, so as to meet the transportation needs of Northwest thermal power center in Shijingshan District and provide conditions for the implementation of its supporting projects

Tianxin road from the West Fifth Ring Road to the Winter Olympic Stadium

boiler factory south road is located in Shijingshan District, adjacent to Shougang ski jump platform and Shijingshan gymnasium, passing through the southeast plant of Shougang in the East, intersecting Gucheng South Street, Gucheng East Street and gas factory East Road along the line, then crossing 101 railway, then Jingyang East Street, and ending at Jingyuan Road (West Fifth Ring Road), with a total length of about 2.96 km

the reporter of Beiqing daily learned that this is also a particularly convenient way to reach the Shougang ski jump platform at the Winter Olympic Stadium, which provides a new choice for citizens who start from the city to reach the stadium

according to the relevant person in charge of the first company of Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge municipal group, as the main east-west trunk road in the southern area of Shijingshan District and the parallel road of Metro Line 11, the completion of boiler factory south road will effectively strengthen the connection between Shijingshan District and the central city, alleviate the external traffic of stations along line 11, and connect the north-south trunk road system of Shijingshan District, Provide good travel conditions for units and pedestrians along the line. It is worth mentioning that as the drainage downstream of Shougang plant area and the northern area, the project will provide necessary support for Shougang’s development and Winter Olympics related supporting facilities and help the Winter Olympics

a north-south road is added around Shougang Park

Beixin’an road is a north-south urban trunk road. The design starting point is connected with the West extension of Chang’an Street, the route is south, and the end point is Lianshi road. The total length of the road is about 2.18 km, and the design speed of the whole line is 40 km per hour

affected by the design scheme of the bridge across Yongding River, the south section of Beixin’an road is divided into two phases: road project and overpass project across Lianshi road. The section opened to traffic yesterday starts from Chang’an Street in the north and extends to boiler plant south road in the south, with a length of 1289 meters. In the future, after the completion of Lianshi Road Interchange Project, there will be another north-south connecting line between the West extension of Chang’an Street and Lianshi Road near Shougang park

after the completion of the south section of Beixin’an Road, the rainwater project will undertake the downstream drainage functions of Winter Olympic venues, high-end industrial comprehensive service area of new Shougang and wulituo area. The road works intersect with several main roads such as the West extension of Chang’an Street, the north section of Beixin’an road and boiler factory south road. It can also form a traffic network extending in all directions through Fushi road and Lianshi road. It will become an important north-south connection channel in the central and western regions of Shijingshan District, provide a convenient and fast traffic network for the venues of the Winter Olympic Games and provide traffic guarantee for the Winter Olympic Games. Text / photographed by our reporter Liu Yang / photographed by our reporter Huang Liang