UN Secretary General’s New Year message: “committed to making 2022 a year of recovery for all”

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China News Agency, United Nations, December 28 – UN Secretary General Guterres issued a new year’s message by video on the 28th, calling on people all over the world to unite, help each other and work together “to make 2022 a year of recovery for all”

UN Secretary General’s New Year message: “committed to making 2022 a year of recovery for all”

February 19 local time, Annual Munich Security Conference (Mu Anhui) was affected by COVID-19 for the first time on line. Photo taken by the UN Secretary General Guterres in Berlin on the same day was broadcast live by video link. The News Agency reporter Peng Dawei Peng Dawei

said that when the world came to the 2022, our hope for the future is undergoing various tests: poverty is deepening and not growing. Equality is becoming more serious; Uneven distribution of new crown vaccine; Climate commitments have not been fulfilled as scheduled; Conflicts continue, divisions are serious and misleading information is rampant. These are not only a test of policy, but also a test of morality and real life

Guterres said that mankind can overcome these tests and listed five key tasks. First, to recover from the epidemic, we should formulate an ambitious plan to vaccinate all people in all places. Second, the economies of all countries have recovered. Therefore, rich countries should support developing countries through financing, investment and debt relief. Third, get rid of distrust and division. Therefore, we should pay more attention to science, fact and rationality. Fourth, to achieve post conflict recovery, we should revitalize the spirit of dialogue, compromise and reconciliation. Fifth, to restore the vitality of the earth, we should make climate commitments consistent with the scale and urgency of the crisis

Guterres said that a time of great difficulties is also a time of great opportunities. To seize this opportunity means to unite and help each other, to work together in the same boat, to support solutions that can benefit all, and to move forward hand in hand with hope for the outstanding ability of the human family. He called on people to make recovery a new year’s resolution for 2022. “For mankind, for the earth and for prosperity.”

Guterres will start his second five-year term on New Year’s Day 2022. He took office on January 1, 2017 and became the ninth Secretary General of the United Nations. He was re elected in June 2021. (end)