Your kindness, people do not know, God knows

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A kind person will have a heart that can accept, endure, let and help

a kind person will have good thoughts. When he sees others in trouble, he will stretch out his hand to help them; When you see the weak being bullied, you will stand up

kind people always think too much about others. When they encounter anything, they will change their position and think. They would rather suffer losses and be wronged than compete with others to win or lose

a kind person will not suffer losses because he is not afraid of losses. There is cause and effect in the world. God will judge good and evil. If you suffer losses now, you will double them in the future

a kind person will not be fooled because he is not afraid of being fooled. If someone deceives you, God will repay you

because you have chosen kindness, God will never treat kind people unfairly. He also tells us that kindness will not suffer losses. What you suffer today will become your blessing in the future

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raise your head three feet. There are gods. How kind you are, how many good deeds you have done and how many losses you have suffered, you will have much blessing

be kind and don’t be arrogant. No matter how strong you are, you can’t be as strong as heaven’s five finger mountain; No matter how capable you are, if you do all the evil things, you can’t walk sideways in this world

people are doing, and heaven is watching. Good and evil are rewarded. No one can escape. Being a man and doing things seriously are the king’s way

in life, everyone has difficulties. Leave a way for others and yourself

in life, it’s not easy to live. Don’t do everything too well. Others have no way out, and you lose your kindness and blessings

in life, wealth can be lost, fame and wealth can be lost, and kindness can never be lost. Kindness is the backbone of a person’s life and the source of blessing

a person without conscience is like a walking corpse without feelings. He is selfish and despicable, only looking at interests. God will not forgive and blessings will be far away

be kind, walk, sit and stand. Every step of life is steady, and every night of sleep is safe

a kind person can live peacefully and peacefully in this world, and is not afraid of being haunted at night

a kind-hearted person can be helped by all, and will be protected by misfortune. Blessed will come naturally, and he will be happy and worry free all his life

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don’t do anything bad in your life. If you do more bad things, you will be punished by heaven

in this life, don’t compete with heaven for victory or defeat with anyone. Man can’t compete with heaven

no matter how much you like to be competitive in your life, don’t be competitive with heaven

it is a firm fact that man can’t fight the sky. If man struggles with the sky, he will overestimate his strength and eat his own fruit

besides, life is only a few decades. If you fight for the best, you just go empty handed

if you want to be invincible in the world, you must strive to cultivate your kindness, do more good deeds, do more good thoughts, accumulate more blessings and virtues. People’s blessings are all cultivated with a kind heart

a person who does evil will not be rewarded with blessings. His life is only disaster, only disaster, only difficult and kind-hearted people will have profound blessings. The wind and water go well in his destiny. God will never treat kind-hearted people badly

in this world, justice lies between heaven and earth. Evil can never fight right and evil can never fight good

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people are doing and heaven is watching. Good and evil will be rewarded. Everything has cause and effect, and everything has reincarnation

to be a kind person, if you are more tolerant in life, you will care less

helping others means helping yourself; Blessing is a kindness and a harvest

in life, the interests you force will lose more sooner or later; Forced feelings are not true feelings, let alone happiness. Everything in the world has its causal cycle and retribution for good and evil. It is better to suffer losses than harm others; It’s better to be fooled than to deceive others; I’d rather lose than force

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a person with a clear conscience can lead a down-to-earth life; People, do more good deeds, will be blessed. Be a kind person, live in peace of mind every day, eat enough during the day and sleep soundly at night

as the saying goes, the wicked have their own way. If they do something bad during the day, they will be haunted by nightmares at night

evil is rewarded with evil, and good is rewarded with good. Only good people are rewarded with happiness

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