Zhang Wenhong: the immune barrier in most countries has not been established. Omicron increases uncertainty

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Zhang Wenhong: the immune barrier in most countries has not been established. Omicron increases uncertainty

Zhang Wenhong spoke through video at the meeting. Video screenshot

Guangzhou, December 6 (reporter Cai Minjie) 2021 CONGDU international forum is being held in Guangzhou. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading and global prevention and control is difficult, Zhang Wenhong, director of the infectious disease division of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, said at the meeting on 6 May. At present, the vaccination situation in most countries is not satisfactory. With the advent of COVID-19 mutant strain, the development of some immunological barriers has been well established. How to deal with the epidemic through global cooperation is the focus of future work, and the participation of more global forces is the key to overcoming the epidemic

Zhang Wenhong said that some time ago, the establishment of global immune barrier has been well improved. In countries with very successful vaccination, the epidemic situation has been well controlled for a time, and the case fatality rate has also decreased significantly

“we used to think that the time point for the world to reopen has come, but now with the emergence of the mutant virus, we are more worried about countries that have not established a vaccine barrier than before.” Zhang Wenhong said that up to now, less than a quarter of the countries in the world have really received complete vaccination, In most countries, the immune barrier has not been established

“especially in recent days, the Omicron mutant strain has led to the resurgence of the epidemic, causing global panic, and many countries have closed their borders. At this time, it is more necessary for us to pool our wisdom in order to overcome this very difficult major public health problem,” Zhang Wenhong said</ P>

, “how can we improve our global vaccine barrier through global collaboration?” I think it will be very important for COVID-19 to control this time. Zhang Wenhong said China has made great efforts in this area, and believes that more countries will take the joint action against the virus in the future. Now we need to gather more global forces to overcome the epidemic based on science and unity. (end)