“Zheng Jie Cup” national youth tennis tournament Dongguan closed, Wang Yafan appeared to help

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Dongguan, December 2 – the two-day 2021 national youth tennis points ranking series – YONEX “Zheng Jie Cup” youth tennis competition (Dongguan station) ended at Dongguan Tennis Center on December 2. The competition attracted more than 300 players to sign up for the competition. After two days of fierce competition, the champions of the four age groups U8, U10, U12 and U14 belong to each of the eight groups

“Zheng Jie Cup” was founded by Zheng Jie, the Double Tennis Grand Slam doubles champion. This is the first time that the “Zheng Jie Cup” has been held in Dongguan in 12 years. The smooth holding of the “Zheng Jie Cup” gives Dongguan young tennis players the opportunity to compete with excellent players from all over the country at home. At the same time, Dongguan station is also the last sub station of this year’s “Zheng Jie Cup”, which is the last chance for players to enter the finals

“Zheng Jie Cup” national youth tennis tournament Dongguan closed, Wang Yafan appeared to help

Wang Yafan presented awards to the winners for the Zheng Jie cup

after fierce competition for two competition days, Zhang Shaoxiong and Zhou Ximeng won the men’s and women’s Champions of U8 level respectively; At U10 level, Zeng Canyang and Nie Mengtong beat their opponents respectively and won the championship of men’s and women’s groups; The male and female champions of U12 level group were won by Qiu Mingwei and Xie Yutong respectively. In U14 level group with the highest competition level, Luo Junhao and AO Chang won the male and female champions respectively

in order to encourage more young players to actively participate in tennis, improve their tennis level and broaden their horizons, professional athlete Wang Yafan came to the scene at the event award ceremony on December 2 to present awards to the top four players in each group. Wang Yafan told the young players that he hoped they would work hard in future training and competition and achieve more excellent results

“Zheng Jie Cup” national youth tennis tournament Dongguan closed, Wang Yafan appeared to help(1)

the little contestants provide

under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the smooth and safe holding of the competition, the competition strictly implements various prevention and control requirements, and the competition field adopts closed management. Contestants, parents and all relevant personnel of the competition are required to enter the competition field with nucleic acid negative certificate and “yuekang code” green code within 48 hours

the 2021 “Zheng Jie Cup” competition will be divided into four sub races: Beijing, Shenzhen, Tai’an and Dongguan. The top 11 players in the sub races will enter the Finals held in Shenzhen on December 4 for the year-end championship. Players who perform well in the finals will also be invited to join the three-day elite training camp and be guided by Zheng Jie’s team coaches. (end)