14500 people in Menyuan earthquake area of Qinghai received 6.23 million civil aid funds

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Xining, January 13 (Li Jun) – on the 13th, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of civil affairs that after the magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Menyuan, Qinghai, the provincial civil affairs department made every effort to ensure the basic life of the poor people in the earthquake area and the property safety of Civil Affairs Service institutions, and helped the earthquake area restore normal production and living order. At present, the civil affairs departments of Menyuan Hui Autonomous County and Qilian county have investigated 16000 people in need and issued 6.23 million yuan of relief subsidies to 14500 people in need and service objects in the earthquake area

after the earthquake, while inspecting the production and life of the people in the earthquake area, the working group of Qinghai Provincial Department of Civil Affairs asked the local civil affairs department, together with the township, community and other working forces, to comprehensively investigate the affected objects “without missing a household and leaving a dead corner”; Supervise and urge the civil affairs department in the earthquake area to accurately implement the care, care and various relief and guarantee measures to the homes of each poor people in the earthquake area; We will strengthen visits and condolences to the affected people, understand and grasp the damage, and encourage them to strengthen their confidence and self-reliance

14500 people in Menyuan earthquake area of Qinghai received 6.23 million civil aid funds

the picture shows civil affairs staff delivering quilts to the affected people. At the same time, establish a mechanism for the first distribution of relief and subsidy funds, and strive to reduce the impact of the disaster on the basic life of people in difficulty in the shortest time; Strengthen the effective connection with the emergency department, accurately include the families with living difficulties caused by the disaster into the scope of subsistence allowances and temporary assistance, and ensure that the basic life of the affected objects will not be affected by the disaster; Actively guide social forces such as charity, social work, voluntary service and other social organizations to provide necessary living materials, psychological comfort and other services for the affected people through the form of “material + service”, so as to ensure the production and life of the affected people at multiple levels

it is reported that the Civil Affairs Department of the province has played the “emergency” role of the temporary relief system. Gangcha County, Haiyan County, Menyuan County and Qilian County of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture have allocated a total of 11.69 million yuan of temporary relief reserve funds to villages and towns to solve the urgent life problems encountered by the affected people; We will fully implement the policies and measures of “two festivals” one-time living subsidies for people in difficulty, and will fully distribute 10.93 million yuan of subsidies for subsistence allowances and special hardship support in the first quarter, so as to ensure the basic living network of the affected people. (end)