CDC of the United States updates the mask guide and recommends that the public wear N95 and kn95 masks

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CDC released the latest mask guide on January 14, 2022, pointing out that high-quality N95 and kn95 masks provide the best protection for covid-19, provided that they are manufactured in accordance with NIOSH standards. The agency warned that the use of unapproved and inferior masks could make wearers more vulnerable to the virus

among other things, the agency specifically mentioned concerns about shortage, noting that although the public can wear these products, N95 masks marked with “surgical” quality should be reserved for medical workers. Although ordinary high-quality N95 masks will help protect the wearer from viruses, surgical N95 masks are designed to prevent additional risks unique to the medical environment, such as blood splashing

CDC pointed out in its update:

in order to protect yourself and others from covid-19, CDC continues to recommend that you wear the most appropriate protective mask you can wear, and you should wear it continuously

this statement leaves room for those who think the N95 mask is too uncomfortable – as the agency has said in the past, any mask is better than no mask. Nevertheless, measures should be taken to ensure that the correct mask is used

CDC pointed out that the public should avoid using masks with built-in exhaust valves, because they will make unfiltered air flow out of the masks when someone exhales. Similarly, masks with large gaps on the edges are less effective in filtering particles that may contain viruses. Although the CDC update provided new information and strongly said that everyone should upgrade to higher quality masks, the agency did not directly recommend replacement – which has proved controversial

CDC of the United States updates the mask guide and recommends that the public wear N95 and kn95 masks

CDC director Dr. Rochelle walensky said in a recent briefing at the White House that the agency would not change its guidance, but she did admit that at least the CDC needed to update the information it provided on masks

in the United States, masks are still a controversial issue, the most important reason is the chaotic message sent by the government in the first few days of the pandemic. For example, as early as February 2020, Dr. Jerome Adams, then director of the U.S. Department of health, published a tweet, part of which was: “seriously, people — stop buying masks!”

he continued to claim that masks did not help protect “ordinary people” from sars-cov-2 virus, and immediately refuted his statement, pointing out that medical staff needed masks to protect themselves from sars-cov-2 virus

when the news was released, other countries had advised their people to wear masks, which contributed to the controversy over wearing masks and the general lack of trust in the government agencies responsible for dealing with the pandemic. Some accuse the U.S. government of lying about the demand for masks to prevent a shortage that will (and eventually) affect hospitals

this criticism appeared again, this time in the wave of Omicron cases. Although some appropriate cloth masks may provide some protection against the original strain, experts are warning that Omicron is a completely different strain

highly contagious variants that have attracted much attention are easy to spread among people. Experts say that high filter masks are the key to solve this problem

although CDC has not upgraded its guidelines and explicitly recommended that the public wear N95 and kn95 masks, the news has spread anyway. Increased awareness has led to increased demand, which is reflected in the rapid rise in the prices of N95 masks at retailers and online. For example, it is difficult to find a NIOSH standard high-quality N95 mask on Amazon, which costs less than $40