Chinanews.com: the United States and Japan reached a new high, but politicians can’t stop China and use China as a “shield”

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Beijing, January 13 (Jiang Li) – at a time when the number of new cases in the United States exceeds 1.4 million in a single day, U.S. Republican Senator Marco Rubio not only did not promote epidemic prevention and anti epidemic, but also jointly threw out an “Anti China” bill requiring virus traceability in an attempt to pass on domestic contradictions

Rubio proposed the so-called “coronavirus origin verification, investigation and Identification Act” on January 10, which is still “the same old tune”, trying to threaten China with “sanctions”, such as freezing the assets of relevant persons in the United States, prohibiting them from entering the United States, revoking existing visas, etc

this is certainly not the first time he has framed China under the guise of tracing the source. Relying on the establishment of Anti China political opponents, Rubio and other members of Parliament put forward the COVID-19’s tracing proposal, and become aggravated by the so-called “Uyghur forced labor prevention bill”. Every day, they put “human rights” and “democracy” on the lips, which is to pass on domestic crises and gain more political capital. p>

China has twice invited who experts to China to carry out traceability research. The China who traceability joint research report has also reached authoritative, professional and scientific conclusions. A small group of American politicians have always stepped up their efforts and put all their eggs in one basket in an attempt to make China “soft” by means of sanctions, just to achieve these purposes –

suppress China’s biotechnology At the same time, it forces relevant domestic enterprises to reduce investment in China and prohibits American scientific research institutions from cooperating with China; Or bring a lawsuit against China, trying to make up for the economic losses caused by the weak domestic anti epidemic and curb China’s development through “claims”… Behind the crazy move is the deep-rooted prejudice of the United States against China, which also reflects the urgent intention of these politicians to suppress China. They spend their political resources on meaningless “Anti China”, but do nothing about the issues most concerned by the general public in the United States</ P>

new 10 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been broken up in 1 million 400 thousand cases in the United States, which has hit a new high since the outbreak of the disease. Over 800 thousand people died of new crown pneumonia. Florida, where Mr. Rubio is located, is one of the hardest hit areas of the epidemic in the United States. According to the data of Johns Hopkins University, at present, the confirmed cases in the state have exceeded 4.8 million and the death toll has exceeded 60000. However, what Rubio has done is still political manipulation, pulling China as a “shield”. This clumsy trick has more than once exposed the indifference of some “Anti China” politicians in the United States to human rights – after all, in their eyes, how important is their status as a senator for the death of 800000 people? (end)

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Chinanews.com: the United States and Japan reached a new high, but politicians can’t stop China and use China as a “shield”