China’s first cinema film on youth drug control has been unveiled

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Fuzhou, January 6 (Ye Qiuyun) – on January 6, China’s first cinema film with the theme of youth drug control, “a special journey”, held a film viewing meeting in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, to disclose the film and the story behind the film to the public for the first time

as an original film work on anti drug theme, the film “a special journey” was born in Fujian, the hometown of anti drug pioneer Lin Zexu, and has attracted great attention from the society since the project was launched

in June 2021, the United Nations Office on drugs and crime issued the world drug report 2021. The report shows that in 2020, about 275 million people worldwide used drugs, about 5.5% of the population aged 15-64 had used drugs at least once in the past year, of which 13% (about 36.3 million) suffered from drug abuse disorders

how close are drugs to us? A high school student with excellent character and learning drank a bottle of milk tea brought by others at his birthday party. This bottle of milk tea is no different from other milk tea in appearance and taste, but it is a drug carefully prepared by criminals. Since then, the students became addicted to drugs and couldn’t concentrate on class. Their health was getting worse and worse. They began to ask their family and friends for money, and even stole the seller’s collection to buy drugs. After taking drugs, they had a strong illusion and personally killed their favorite grandfather

China’s first cinema film on youth drug control has been unveiled

the picture shows the main poster of the cinema film “a different journey”. According to the main creative team of Hou Xichen’s picture

, “one thought on a different road” is adapted from this real case story. With three different native families as the background, the protagonist Chen Jiayao, as the representative of the new left behind children, is excellent in both sketch and learning, but because he accidentally takes drugs, he embarks on the road of no return to killing his grandparents; The heroine, represented by the heroine Fang Xiaoyan, lacks parental care since childhood. After dropping out of school, she sells and takes drugs and embarks on the road of crime; Xiao Wu, who grew up with his parents, although his parents had a strong desire for success and kept putting pressure on him in words, he finally became a talent because of the earnest instruction of good teachers and friends. Three different ways of family education have created different life situations

“a special journey of reading” is produced by youdaodao film and television company, and Fujian Skyworth Network Technology Co., Ltd. is solely responsible for the publicity and development of Fujian Province. From script creation, shooting to film making, the film has received the full support of publicity, politics and law, public security, education, health, culture and tourism and other departments at all levels. The main creative team spent two years visiting the front-line anti drug police, anti drug police and drug rehabilitation personnel for many times to master and understand a large number of detailed cases and background information

the film is starred by Yu Li, a new generation actor, and Fang Zirong, a powerful young student. Yang Dale, the world Sanda champion coach, joined with his disciple Lin Huimin, the World Wushu Sanda champion. In addition, a special journey was shot at the film and television base in Taining, Fujian. The scenery and buildings such as Dajin lake, Ganlu temple and Shang Shudi were presented in the film, and integrated into the cultural elements such as Nuo dance in Dayuan, Taining County

the film critics said that “a special journey” is not only the first film in China to face the theme of youth drug control, but also a rare film theme to analyze family education and humanistic care. (end)