Chinese film audience satisfaction reached a new high

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Chinese film audience satisfaction reached a new high

the reporter learned from the China Film Art Research Center today that up to now, the Chinese film audience satisfaction project has completed the seventh annual survey. The annual audience satisfaction score in 2021 was 85.2, the highest in seven years

Chinese film audience satisfaction reached a new high(1)

it is understood that from the perspective of the three satisfaction indexes, the annual ornamental and ideological scores in 2021 were 85.6 and 85.9 respectively, up steadily from last year; The annual communication score was 83.1 points, an increase of 2 points over the same period last year, indicating that the audience’s enthusiasm for sharing communication this year has been significantly improved compared with last year

Chinese film audience satisfaction reached a new high(2)

from the perspective of each schedule, compared with the same period last year, the satisfaction of summer, national day and early winter in 2021 increased year-on-year, and only the new year’s day decreased slightly. Among them, the audience satisfaction score of 2021 National Day is 89.1, which is the highest score of 44 schedules in the historical survey; The satisfaction of summer files was 85.6 points, ranking fourth in the historical survey. During the year, high schedule satisfaction effectively helped rebuild the confidence of the film market

from the top ten films with single chip satisfaction in 2021, high-quality products with high satisfaction are produced in all schedules and types. The new mainstream films that pay tribute to the Centennial founding of the party and the spirit of the times occupy a high degree of satisfaction, such as Changjin lake on the national day, me and my parents, the revolutionary in the summer, 1921 and Chinese doctor. Their satisfaction exceeds 87 points, ranking at the top of the top ten list of the year. Hello, Li Huanying, released in the Spring Festival, has a strong resonance with the public with its closeness to life and true feelings, ranking the fourth in satisfaction of the year; In addition, films such as anger · serious case, on the cliff and lion boy have also received high satisfaction from the audience with a high level of genre creation

Chinese film audience satisfaction reached a new high(3)

the survey of Chinese film audience satisfaction is conducted by China Film Art Research Center in conjunction with Yien data. It is a comprehensive film evaluation system independent of the box office. The satisfaction survey adopts the methods of on-site sampling survey of cinemas, online survey of front-line practitioners and experts, big data capture analysis, comprehensively evaluates domestic films with three indexes of viewing, ideology and communication, and introduces freshness index to evaluate film innovation. The survey sample is divided into two groups: ordinary audience and professional audience, covering the first, second, third and fourth tier cities in China. As of the new year in 2021, the Chinese film audience satisfaction survey has been completed for 7 years, with a total of 44 schedules. (reporter Liu Yang)