“Five Olympic rings” stand in Yanqing competition area to present the Winter Olympics

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Beijing, January 12 (Fu Lin, Chen Xinyu) the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is approaching. In the process of hosting the Olympic Games, a number of construction achievements of “double Olympic cities” have gradually come into people’s vision. On the 12th, in the Yanqing Winter Olympic competition area in Beijing, the Olympic rings logo stood on the top of the dafutou solar heat absorption tower, which was still clearly visible within a five kilometer radius

according to Wang Chong, the steel structure project manager of the installation company of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau, the landscape tower is Yanqing Winter Olympic Games environmental construction project (phase II) – bid section VI, which is close to 580 meters west of Yanqing entrance and exit of Beijing Lijiang expressway, the connecting line of Beijing Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games. It can be seen when Beijing Lijiang Expressway enters Yanqing section. 1200 meters to the north is the East-West Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway, and the complete shape of the tower can be seen from the bullet trains. At present, the project has entered the closing stage and is expected to be completed in late January

it is worth noting that the shape and height of dafutou solar heat absorption tower play a symbolic role in Yanqing area. As a sign tower of the Winter Olympic Games, it can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Its superior geographical location also has unique advantages as a Winter Olympic theme sign tower. The five ring signs can also be seen within 5km, which has good display conditions. In addition, Yanqing Winter Olympic symbol tower also echoes with the Winter Olympic site on xiaohaituo mountain

as the landmark landscape of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the project is based on the concept of “Green Olympics” and “science and technology Olympics”, makes full use of the original buildings to transform the structure, takes the artistic form of “ice sculpture” as the inspiration, and creates a ribbon spiral like ice and snow crystals along the six sides of the tower through steel structure and ETFE membrane, A giant three-dimensional Olympic five ring sign with a height of 17 meters and a width of 38 meters is set on the top of the tower, which presents a Memorial Trophy form as a whole with the sign tower

“five Olympic rings” are made of steel structure with a total weight of 55 tons. A single five ring structure is composed of two integral rings and 130 connecting rods. The base supporting the five rings is spliced by trusses with a total weight of 105 tons. The hoisting height exceeds 120 meters, which poses a great safety risk. During the construction process, the biggest obstacle is the strong wind in Yanqing area. “The wind is level 3 on the ground and level 7-8 on the top of the tower. Sometimes a gust of wind on the top of the tower will make a strong man stagger,” Wang Chong said

“Five Olympic rings” stand in Yanqing competition area to present the Winter Olympics

the Yanqing Winter Olympic landscape tower is under final construction and will be completed in late January. Drawings provided by China Construction Second Engineering Bureau

in order to overcome the risks in climate, the project department has established a special BIM team to simulate the best hoisting volume and weight under different wind forces in three dimensions, so as to optimize the hoisting scheme. At the same time, in order to strictly control the welding accuracy and ensure the high-altitude assembly of the five ring signs, on the one hand, the project technical team strengthened the parts where the components are most prone to deformation through the calculation software; On the other hand, measures shall be taken to reduce the difficulty of high-altitude splicing at the splicing part of the five rings, and the welding error shall be controlled within 2mm, so as to present the “Olympic five rings” in the most perfect attitude

after the Winter Olympic Games, the sign tower will be applied to become a permanent reserved building for the Olympic Games and will be presented to the world. (end)