How can we enjoy ourselves in Chongli in winter?

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Zhangjiakou, January 12 (Zhao Danmei) – in the early morning, Eric took his three-year-old son to the snow trail as usual and began a day of skiing training

“the management of the snow field here in Chongli is very standardized. It is specially built for skiers.” Said Eric, a ski enthusiast from Australia

“in contrast, there are not so many ski coaches in Australia, (I) can get very professional guidance in Chongli.” Eric said that Chongli in winter is very interesting, and going skiing in ski resorts is more interesting. The winding “white” is dazzling. The colorful “little people” galloping down the snow path seemed to be shaken off by a huge white blanket. Rows of cable cars are like small lanterns hanging in the air. The winter of Chongli attracts Eric. In recent years, he comes here for skiing in almost every snow season

If skiing experiences speed and passion during the day, skiing at night will experience extreme romance. The white snow trail and lights complement each other. The snow field at night is not as cold and lonely as expected. It seems to be a new place for many people to get together. Farewell to the impetuousness during the day. The prelude to night skiing has just played

what matches “night skating” is the rich “nightlife” here. The scene of food, wine and music. The ski resort at night is like a “big party”, with happy factors surging in every corner

How can we enjoy ourselves in Chongli in winter?

the picture shows tourists skiing in Chongli ski resort. Photo by Zhai Yujia

according to Liang Lifang, deputy director of culture, radio, television and Tourism Bureau of Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, there are 7 ski resorts and 169 trails in Chongli district. Whether it’s skiing “Xiaobai” or skiing “enthusiasts”, you can find suitable trails in Chongli

according to Liang Lifang, in the snow season of the year when Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games was successful, a total of 480000 ski tickets were sold in Chongli district. In the snow season of 2018-2019, the sales volume of ski tickets in Chongli District exceeded one million, reaching 1079000

“in Chongli, you can not only experience the speed and passion brought by skiing, but also feel the strong atmosphere of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Welcome to’Chongli, an outdoor paradise in the snow country’.” Liang Lifang said. (end)