In 2022, there is good news for retirees’ medical insurance reimbursement. More than 50000 bank withdrawals need to be registered

By yqqlm yqqlm

there is good news about the medical insurance reimbursement of retirees, and the bank deposit and withdrawal has also ushered in new regulations:inter provincial reimbursement is more convenient, outpatient expenses can be reimbursed, the reimbursement amount is inclined to retirees, and the bank deposit and withdrawal of more than 50000 needs to be verified

for the majority of retirees, medical insurance reimbursement is a major event, because as the elderly get older, the frequency of seeing a doctor will also increase. If the cost of seeing a doctor can be reduced, it will solve the problem of retirees worrying about seeing a doctor. In 2022, retirees have good news in medical insurance reimbursement, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects

first, it is more convenient for cross provincial and remote medical reimbursement

according to the work report of relevant departments, by the end of 2022, China will have at least one medical institution in each county, which can realize inter provincial and non local cost settlement, including outpatient expenses

after 2022, many provinces will carry out the process of cross provincial and non local settlement of outpatient expenses. For example, since January 2022, Guangdong has comprehensively carried out the reform of cross city direct settlement of inpatient medical expenses, and made it clear that,

Second, in terms of reimbursement amount, it is inclined to retirees

in terms of hospitalization expense reimbursement, the hospitalization reimbursement proportion of general retirees is more than 90%, while that of employees is about 80%. In terms of expense reimbursement, it reflects the principle of giving preference to retirees and the elderly

taking the employee medical insurance in Beijing as an example, the starting line of outpatient employees is 1800 yuan and that of retirees is 1300 yuan. In Chongqing, the reimbursement rate of employees’ medical insurance hospitalization is between 85%and 90%, while that of retirees is about 95%

from 2022, many provinces will carry out the reform of employee medical insurance outpatient mutual security, and will also favor retirees in the reimbursement of outpatient expenses for example, Hainan stipulates that the amount of outpatient reimbursement for retirees is 2000 yuan, while that for on-the-job employees is 1500 yuan

this is really good news for the majority of retirees, because with the increase of the number of retirees in China, the pension pressure is also increasing. When the outpatient service is included in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, the reimbursement proportion of retirees is higher than that of in-service personnel, which can reduce the burden of retirees and reflect the state’s care for retirees, After all, old people get older and get sick more often

Third, outpatient expenses can also be reimbursed

according to the documents issued by the medical insurance bureau, the reform of outpatient mutual assistance security of employee medical insurance will be carried out on a large scale in 2022

taking Shaanxi as an example, all the basic medical insurance premiums paid by units are included in the overall planning fund. In terms of payment of employee medical insurance, it will be appropriate to give preference to retirees. By the end of 2022, the overall planning system of general outpatient service of employee medical insurance should be fully established

in the new round of medical insurance reform, the reimbursement proportion of ordinary outpatient expenses is not low, at least 50%. This is also good news for the majority of retirees. Many young elderly people are not hospitalized frequently, but outpatient chronic diseases are still very common. However, it should be noted that the proportion of expense reimbursement is different in different levels of hospitals. For example, the regulation of Hainan Province is that in township health centers, the annual starting payment standard is 10 yuan and the reimbursement proportion is 70%. The reimbursement rate of tertiary medical institutions is 50%. If you are a retiree in Hainan and go to a tertiary medical institution in Hainan, you may be reimbursed 50 yuan if the outpatient cost is 100 yuan

in addition to the new regulations of medical insurance, one thing retirees need to pay attention to is that from March 1, bank deposits and withdrawals of more than 50000 yuan have also changed greatly! It is necessary to register the source or purpose of funds

on January 26, the central bank jointly issued the measures (the document is shown in the figure below), which clearly stipulates that in commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives If a financial institution of a village bank handles cash deposit and withdrawal business of more than 50000 yuan , it shall verify its identity and register the source or purpose of funds simply understand that you need to register the source of funds when you deposit more than 50000 yuan in the bank, and register the purpose when you withdraw more than 50000 yuan

it should be noted that if your source and use of funds are reasonable and legal, for example, the source of income is salary income or pension income, and the purpose is serious disease treatment, you only need to make a registration, and you don’t need to divide into several small funds to withdraw money. The purpose of doing so is mainly to prevent and control financial risks and curb money laundering, which has little impact on our ordinary people. But for those who have a large amount of income from unknown sources, this provision can be described as a blow to the head. They dare not spend money or save money, which is conducive to the fight against corruption

at the same time, this provision is aimed at the cash deposit and withdrawal business at the bank counter, and bank transfer is not involved. if you think it is troublesome for the bank to withdraw money, transfer is also possible, however, at present, online transfer is more strict, which requires not only manual verification code, but also face brushing real name authentication, I believe that more and more banks will do due diligence in the future, and the deposit and withdrawal business of funds will be more standardized, which is also protecting the property security of the country