Infection with new crown has become the main cause of American police deaths for two consecutive years

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1 13, the United States overseas Chinese News Network reported that the United States law enforcement Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) released a report on 11, COVID-19 has been the main reason for the death of law enforcement personnel in the United States for two consecutive years. p>

Infection with new crown has become the main cause of American police deaths for two consecutive years

the New York Times reported that according to the preliminary data compiled by the organization, 458 policemen in the United States died on duty last year. This is the year with the largest number of police deaths in the United States in more than 90 years, an increase of 55% over 2020. Among them, 301 were federal, state and local law enforcement officers who died of COVID-19 infection. “According to the national law enforcement Memorial Foundation, these policemen died from direct contact with the virus while on duty,” the report said

according to the report, 84 police officers were killed by murderers last year, of which 62 were shot. Another 58 people died in traffic accidents while performing official duties on the road. The number of deaths caused by gun attacks and traffic accidents has increased over the previous year

the report also said that other causes of death of law enforcement personnel include heart attack, stroke and diseases related to “9.11”. Another policeman died from fighting, drowning and stabbing. Another policeman died in the flood and another policeman died in the tornado

in the 30 years before the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of police killed on duty every year counted by the foundation exceeded 200 only twice in 2001 and 2007. The last time more than 300 people were in 1930</ P>

although the death toll of COVID-19 related police has reached hundreds of people, the report is only a preliminary report, and the author of the report is expected to still have a large number of deaths that have not been counted. “American law enforcement officers are constantly exposed to COVID-19 in their daily work, so the number of in-service policemen is increasing.” P>

according to previous statistics, since the outbreak of the outbreak, more than 460 law enforcement personnel in the United States have died of COVID-19 infection. Although it has been proved that vaccination can effectively prevent severe diseases and deaths, it is still difficult for some police to accept vaccination. (end)