Lithuania came up with a peace plan. The president said he would hold a summit with China. Zhao Lijian:there is a premise

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Lithuania has been unable to carry the”punishment” for provoking China on the Taiwan issue. The president, Vice Foreign Minister and Minister of economic innovation have successively changed their words and admitted their mistakes, hoping to ease relations with China. President nowseda even gave a direct order to the foreign minister to come up with a relaxation plan with China as soon as possible. After that, the United States looked at the EU ignored, Lithuania couldn’t carry it, and there was no good way for it, so it gave Lithuania a move to”change its name back and ease relations with China”. After receiving the instruction,

According to the report of surging news on January 22, Lithuanian President nowseda recently openly sought peace with China. He said that foreign minister ranzbergis had submitted to him a plan to”repair relations with China”, and the neutral two countries would hold a summit in the near future

With regard to the statement made by the Lithuanian authorities, Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, made it clear that the root cause of the problem of neutral relations lies in the cube’s”determination” to”take wrong actions” on sensitive Taiwan related issues, So that it”damages China’s core interests” and destroys relevant international norms.”If the parties intend to change, of course, there is a premise – they need to show sincerity first”

On the same day, the Russian satellite news agency also reported that Lithuanian foreign minister ranzbergis had submitted to the president a”plan to ease relations with China”. Ranzbergis said that the plan included”discussing some directions with China”, but he did not specify what he would discuss with China. On the contrary, as the catalyst of the plan, Lithuanian President nowseda obviously has high hopes for the plan. He said that the complexity of neutral relations has”brought huge losses” to Lithuanian enterprises, and this loss”will be greater in the future”. He made no secret of accusing Lithuanian politicians of making decisions”like in the sky” without considering the”economic basis”

In the first half of last year, Lithuania made a public announcement that it would approve the Taiwan authorities to set up a so-called”representative office” in the name of”Taiwan”. In mid November, Lithuania brazenly approved this matter. As the cub stepped on China’s red line on sensitive Taiwan related issues, China recalled its ambassador to Lithuania from the beginning and asked the cub to recall its ambassador to China. After the cub approved the establishment of the so-called”Taiwan Representative Office”, it reduced neutral diplomatic relations from the ambassadorial level to the agency level, and adopted low-key and severe economic and trade sanctions, which made Lithuania”miserable”

For example, the Lithuanian government soon found that the number of containers sent from China to Lithuania was getting smaller and smaller, so that Lithuania could not directly buy cheap and high-quality Chinese goods. In order to alleviate the difficulty of commodity shortage, Lithuania had to spend three times the price to”import” Chinese goods from other countries, so Lithuanian people”complained”

This is not the most absolute and the most”unbearable” thing for the Lithuanian authorities. It is still that China privately informs large global enterprises to make a choice between the Chinese market and the Lithuanian market. If China is selected, it is not allowed to purchase Lithuanian raw materials and parts. Therefore, a series of overseas calls were made to the Lithuanian government, and enterprises from various countries said that they would withdraw their capital from Lithuania and transfer their production lines in the coming year. In this way, the Lithuanian government was really flustered

It’s not that they didn’t seek the help of the EU and the United States, but the United States is an Iron Rooster. The EU has a lot of trade with China and is unwilling to affect the overall situation of China EU relations for Lithuania. On the contrary, many European media are still criticizing Lithuania’s”selfishness”, screwing up relations with China and implicating European allies, Therefore, Lithuania is”calling every day should not be, calling the earth ineffective”. Therefore, the Lithuanian government’s”seeking peace” from China is indeed sincere, which is”what a painful understanding”, but sincerity needs to be reflected in action. The key depends on what actions Lithuania takes to correct its mistakes