Magic capital in “love God” and “love” in “magic capital”

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Shanghai Wutong, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, January, 8, January, Shanghai, January. Topic: “the devil in” the goddess of love “,” love “in the devil’s capital, ” Indus “is the” never widening road “. “Wanghong” cafes are dotted with young men and women warmly discussing the drama they have just seen…

within two kilometers of Wuyuan road in the Western District of Shanghai, it is the main location of the Shanghai language film “love myth”, which has recently set off a “textual research upsurge” of Shanghai style culture. Here, Fellini is equipped with butterfly crisp, braised meat and high-heeled shoes. The gentleman of “old Keller” has both “grocery store wisdom”, and the little cobbler can also have “coffee time”… The fireworks flavor of life is naturally connected with the emotional yearning of urban people. It seems that no way of life can not find a “foothold”

Magic capital in “love God” and “love” in “magic capital”

Xu Zheng, producer and star of love myth. Like Chi Ming and Chun Jiao in Hong Kong, long live love in Taipei, Shanghai also has its own film. Industry insiders lamented that in the past 30 years, in addition to the novel flowers, this is the most accurate, vivid and smoky film describing the people of Shanghai. The cramped and real life is trivial, which gives love myth a rare sense of fashion and shows the urban customs of Shanghai at different levels

some people say that Shanghai, which has been stationed in the “background board” for many years, has finally been able to show its most real appearance. Love myth condenses the new flavor of the current era with the small flavor of Shanghai. The audience got the enjoyment of “roaming Shanghai” in the film: the middle-aged “Lao Bai” rode a bicycle to buy vegetables, “the lights on the stairs around the corner of Miss Li’s house flickered, and” Gloria “learned oil painting in the patio, “Lao Wu” waters the flowers comfortably on the windowsill…

“there are no high-rise buildings and elite life on the Bund, Lujiazui and Pudong in my film. I just want to show some urban life and the living conditions of ordinary people.” According to Shao Yihui, the director of love myth, Shanghai is both exquisite and affordable, foreign and market, mixed with international and localized temperament, and anyone can live a “decent life”; In the past six years of living in Shanghai, I can always feel the people-oriented and tolerance of Shanghai style culture and make myself like the city

Magic capital in “love God” and “love” in “magic capital”(1)

Shao Yihui, director of love myth. Shanghai Film Group for the picture

“there is a long line of butterfly crisp (shop) on Tianyaoqiao road. The cafes in the film have become’net red’. Many people go to our scenic spot to’punch in’. I didn’t expect everyone to talk about it so much.” Xu Zheng, the producer and star of love myth, said that the film accurately captured the details of life with a peaceful, sober and tolerant attitude. It has a “small and beautiful” feeling, which is a real contemporary and urban feeling. Shanghai’s urban spirit and cultural heritage should be expressed in more works

excellent films can make the spirit “live”. Wang Jianer, chairman of Shanghai Film Group, believes that love myth makes the audience feel friendly, natural and full of life. At the same time, it can touch the soul, trigger thinking, and let people pursue a better life state and interpersonal relationship. The popularization of such a Shanghai language film is of great benefit to the cultivation of urban spirit and the shaping of urban character

in the love myth, the poetic story between “Lao Wu” and the famous Italian actress Sophia Roland is deeply loved by the audience in Shanghai. Zhou yemang, the actor of “Lao Wu”, also said that “Lao Wu” is actually the adherent of “love myth”. He spent his whole life waiting for the most beautiful love in his heart. Because of the polishing of time, this love has become more romantic and moving

Shanghai is the birthplace of Chinese films, and film culture is one of the spiritual deposits of this city. Whether Sophia Roland or Fellini’s love myth, which appears repeatedly in the film, these hidden “fan shadow complex” connect the inside and outside of the film, making the Shanghai audience who love the film smile. Some fans said that “love myth” seems to have passed through the tunnel of time and provided a practical answer to “love myth” on the other side of the earth with contemporary thinking

Shanghai, known as the “magic city”, attracts films to take root in this city quickly with the unique charm of an international cultural metropolis. In recent years, Shanghai has issued a number of policies to promote the accelerated development of the film industry in terms of financial support and production services; Shanghai’s urban film box office has “led” the country for many years, which also shows that the development momentum of the city’s film industry is getting better

“international and local have been well integrated in this city, which is a very important embodiment of Shanghai’s urban charm.” DU Liang, an assistant researcher at the Institute of literature of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with reporters that urban culture has always been an important content of film image expression, especially for Shanghai with diverse images, it really needs to “see” the city from different angles

as for how to continue to create “myth” after “love God”? In DU Liang’s view, “the secret” may be to do a good job in its own focus market. “Love myth is positioned as a love film and dialect film, and has done a good job in both aspects, so it has produced a good public opinion influence and topic detonating power. Forming a film cultural consensus between the creator and the audience will be an effective strategy for the production of genre films.” (end)