Nicholas Tse unlocks Chaoshan Township banquet and Yang Qianhe returns to his hometown for fun

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At 20:20 tonight, the food documentary reality show “people’s taste”, jointly produced by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Fengwei holdings, continued to start the journey of discovery on Jiangsu Satellite TV. Youku, the exclusive network platform, was broadcast at 20:30

Nicholas Tse unlocks Chaoshan Township banquet and Yang Qianhe returns to his hometown for fun

in China’s food territory, Chaoshan has always been famous for its vitality and delicacy. From seafood to brine, from soft glutinous to Jindao, Chaoshan cuisine is very delicious all year round. There is no heavy sample from the beginning to the end of the year. Tonight, in the taste of the people, Nicholas Tse and Yang Qianhe came to Chaoshan to experience the taste of the people and all kinds of human feelings in Chaoshan at the rural banquet, and also started a journey of “returning home and looking for roots” by Yang Qianhe

Nicholas Tse’s rural banquet is a “sweet head” for Yang Qianhe to experience hand pounding beef balls

walking along the streets of Shantou, the arcades on both sides of the road and the unique overseas Chinese culture show the struggle history of people crossing mountains and mountains and crossing oceans in this land

Nicholas Tse’s first stop in exploring the taste of Chaoshan began with a wide range of special snacks. Because of carrying hunger and enduring storage, colorful food is the rural flavor that Chaoshan people will carry when they go out to work; Hand pounding beef balls, which have been handed down for four generations, must undergo “hammering practice” if you want to play the muscles and teeth. The hot scene attracted Nicholas Tse and Yang Qianhe to learn skills on the spot

in addition to exploring the streets, the two will also prepare a authentic rural banquet for grandma Wu together with Chaoshan Township kitchen, bringing special delicacies such as oyster, oyster, Chenghai lion head goose and so on. The protagonist of the rural banquet style has always been Chenghai lion headed goose, which “no goose, no banquet”. Every professional stewed goose master has an exclusive secret old stew and exquisite technique. Slowly boil brine, spices and brown sugar water to present a bright red and delicious Chenghai lion headed goose to the audience. Nicholas Tse will personally experience the “secret” of stewed goose and take the initiative to make “head sweet” – anti sand taro for grandma Wu’s family reunion banquet

the banquet full of hometown flavor also awakened the Chaoshan gene in Yang Qianhe’s bones. Her first work as a beginner was recognized, and she was given a mysterious gift specially customized by Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse’s creative cooking vermicelli Yang Qianhe returns to his hometown to find the root of courage

there is the love and strength of his family in the delicious food. The Yang family temple in Chenghai District has its own origin and family context. For Yang Qianhe, this trip to Chaoshan is also a journey to regain the hometown flavor. Tonight, the audience will follow Yang Qianhe and feel the “courage” of Chaoshan women

the “courage” of Chaoshan’s daughter can be a solitary courage to go to another country and ride the wind and waves. The image and consistent courage of independent women displayed by Yang Qianhe over the years are inherited from the culture and taste of his hometown. Grandma Wu and her daughter, who returned from a long journey, not only inherited the strong and dexterous quality of Chaoshan women and paid silently for their family, but also had the courage to leave their hometown and go far away and fight for their own life and ideals like Yang Qianyi

the “courage” of Chaoshan’s daughter can also be the courage to stick to the difficulties and advance hand in hand. However, Ji Changfen and his wife opened a small shop with the borrowed 100 yuan. For 20 years, they not only kept a smooth taste, but also loved each other, sweet and bitter. This warm feeling also inspired Nicholas Tse to make a beautiful “pomegranate chicken” with rich and delicious ingredients and crystal clear powder to praise Chaoshan women’s courage to stick to true love

rural flavor is rooted in people’s hearts and brings a steady stream of courage and strength to accompany people to the ends of the earth. At 20:20 this evening, Jiangsu Satellite TV, the exclusive network platform Youku at 20:30, “the taste of the people” takes you into the vivid flavor of Chaoshan cuisine