Rural Documentary:the”Chinese New Year” at that time was a sad one

By yqqlm yqqlm

Text:Northern Jiangsu Yangzhi

Figure:Popular Photography

The postman walked past my door again without stopping. After seeing him go a long way, my mother turned back, sighed, shook her head, like talking to herself, or said to my sister,”ernizi, you clean the pot house today, mother and noodles, and we’ll start steaming steamed bread tomorrow.”

I know there must be no money at home. My mother wants to wait for my father to send the money and buy some meat. It’s best to buy us a new dress. But now it’s almost the new year, and the money hasn’t been sent yet. Don’t expect dad’s money for the new year this year

It’s sad to think about it. Dad only sends us money at the end of each year. He works in a coal mine. He says he earns less money and doesn’t spend enough. He saves food and expenses and squeezes it out of his teeth to US debt collectors. (everyone must know what kind of dad is)

I don’t like steamed bread very much every year, because our steamed bread is too black and yellow. One kind of stuffing of steamed bread is the common dried vegetable leaves, which are mixed with a pitiful amount of bean cake residue. Another is to boil a large pot of sweet potato, and then boil a little red beans , stir and mix them together

Break off the steamed bread. There are white chirping sweet potatoes in it. You can’t see two red beans. As for white steamed bread , my mother had to wait until the last pot before steaming

This steamed stuffed bun is yellow and heartbreaking. It’s heartburn to eat black bread. Let’s have white steamed bread. Mother would hide early and take it out only when she came to relatives, but we couldn’t help eating. We couldn’t reach it at ordinary times, and we couldn’t eat

My brother ran out early in the morning. This guy will come to work and doesn’t do any work at all. He gets home on time for dinner as if he were stepping on the rice order. The two sisters are my mother’s little helpers, helping to burn the fire, helping to make noodles and making steamed stuffed buns

I’m only getting in the way at home. My sister can’t play with me. She’s curious about everything. She sometimes slaps me twice because she talks disorderly, but after a while, she can’t help asking. My mother sees that I’m too annoyed, so she said,”Er Zi, go and pick up whip guns in the street. At noon, when our steamed stuffed bun comes out of the pot, there’s a noise.”

Yes, there is a saying in the Chinese New Year speech. Up to now, I don’t understand what to say and what not to say. When I was a child, I was nagging and curious. Therefore, sometimes when I speak carelessly, I will be slapped by my mother for no reason. Alas, I’d better go out and pick up firecrackers

There were a lot of people on the street long ago. At ordinary times, my mother doesn’t let us go to the street for fear that we are greedy and make people laugh. When I go to the street today, I don’t look at the food stall. As long as I hear the sound of firecrackers, I just squeeze there. There are many children, most of whom are much older than me. When the sound of firecrackers stops, everyone rushes into mass action

I can’t rob them. I can only pick up a few if they happen to miss the net. Seeing that my two little hands couldn’t be put down, I rushed home. As soon as I got home, my brother stepped on the rice order and came back. Seeing the two large firecrackers I picked up, I couldn’t help laughing at me

“All the broken things you picked up have been exposed and can’t make a sound. Do you know firecrackers? Don’t you know if they have made a sound?” My brother threw it while picking

“Why don’t you go? Many children are picking it up. Our family has no money to buy firecrackers this year, and you don’t go to pick up some to go home for the new year.” I have a small mouth and get it all back to him

“I’m not going.” I know he’s too ashamed to go. You can’t complain about me if you don’t go there. My brother continued to pick up and pick up. Finally, he picked two twists that were short and short, and threw away the rest

My brother deliberately took it and asked me to let it go. The twist was too short. I was so scared that I stepped back. I didn’t have the courage. Later, my brother took it and let it go. This is the first two firecrackers in my family’s new year

On the 20th day of the twelfth lunar month, the flavor of the new year comes up in the countryside. After small New Year’s Eve , the sound of firecrackers rises one after another, and the children begin to show off their trouser pocket drum

Clip a lit cigarette, kick your ass and lower your head, and stare at the smoke of firecrackers. When they are about to explode, stand up fiercely, raise your arms, and throw them up properly. The firecrackers ring on your head in an instant. The sense of achievement and the envy of your little friends are born

Some take firecrackers to blow up the stool, break open the ice to blow up fish, put several firecrackers together and put a washbasin on it to see how high they can blow up, which makes us both excited and exciting. I’m always looking forward to when I can carry a long drum of firecrackers in my pocket, hold a curling cigarette, then light firecrackers, throw them gracefully under the feet of the big sisters, listen to their fear, run around and feel happy. That’s good

One day later, the empress in the back came to visit our house. When I entered the door, I told my mother,”his aunt, I heard you don’t fry meatballs this year.”

The mother looked at the aunt and said,”sister-in-law, we won’t fry this year. Up to now, he hasn’t sent his money once in his freshman year. Look at the oil, there’s less than one bowl left. It can’t be fried.”

‘ How can there be people who don’t fry balls during the Chinese new year? Besides, when children are so young, they must feel like scratching their hands when they eat. They have it and we have it. No matter how much it is, it always means something like that.” Aunt persuaded me

“I want to fry a little.” my mother is very embarrassed, but at the thought of the oil in the jar, my mother can’t speak any more

“It won’t take much oil. I’ll ask your brother to help you fry later. He can fry. We fried a basket and didn’t see much oil at all.” the aunt said involuntarily, Tell your sister,”come on, pick up the radish quickly. I’ll ask your uncle to come and give you fried balls

My sister and I were overjoyed when we heard that we could fry meatballs. Without waiting for my mother to nod, my sister and I quickly took a shovel and went to the vegetable cellar to dig turnips. When my sister pulled it out, I held it at home. When my sister washed it, I helped pour water. When my sister burns a fire, I will hold firewood for her. When my sister cuts the stuffing, I am busy putting radishes on the chopping board for her. When the uncle came to our house, the radish had been chopped and said he was going home to get his apron


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