The box office of new films CO produced by Ma Li and Chang Yuan rose, and comedy themes were sought after

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“Li Mao plays the Prince” premiered in Beijing. Xinli film’s costume comedy “new exploration”

recently, it was jointly produced by Xinli Media Group Co., Ltd., non foreign entertainment media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Tencent Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Yuewen film culture media Co., Ltd. Gao Ke wrote and directed, Ma Li, Chang Yuan The opening year comedy film Li Mao as Prince starring Allen and others held the premiere of “laughing at the beginning of the year” in Beijing. The main creator gathered at the scene to send new year’s greetings to the audience. The relaxed and pleasant funny atmosphere of the film also makes it known by the audience as the most interesting “decompression artifact” of the year. As a comedy for the beginning of 2022, Li Mao disguised as the prince will give the audience “the first smile of the beginning of the year” in the happy atmosphere at the beginning of the new year

The box office of new films CO produced by Ma Li and Chang Yuan rose, and comedy themes were sought after

funny, good luck and happiness. Ma Li Changyuan brought comedians to send new year’s jackpot

at the premiere, director Gao Ke gathered together with Ma Li, Chang Yuan, Wang Chengsi, Chen Bing, Feng Qinchuan, Li Haiyin, Huang Cailun, Clara and other main creators to send warm wishes to the audience. Ma Li hoped everyone: “smile more and life will be better”, Chang Yuan expressed his wish: “let’s go out of the cinema and embrace the new year happily.”. In the face of the host’s “New Year’s wish” question, the main creators opened their brains and gave all kinds of novel answers. They also prepared a good luck three piece set of “good luck, good luck and good happiness” for everyone, with the intention of welcoming the new year with the audience with good wishes· Many bridge sections in the film are also impressive. Chang Yuan is more against the audience. The magic “joint code” in the play is sounded with the happy rhythm of “Lula La”, and the atmosphere at the scene is jubilant

It is reported that in Li Mao playing the prince, Ma Li and Chang Yuan play a loving couple. As a small constable, Li Mao played by Chang Yuan married Yang Jiazhen, a rich family played by Ma Li. They love each other sweetly. However, the little Constable also has great aspirations. Li Mao wants to achieve greater success in his career and continue to be promoted. On the other hand, as the crown prince who grew up in the palace since childhood, he wants to leave the palace wholeheartedly. It just happens that Li Mao and they want to “invite the crown prince”…

when the crown prince arrives at Li Mao’s place, he always wears a mask and does not show his true face, which undoubtedly leaves a great suspense, Once, Li Mao met the prince by chance. In the bath, the prince unveiled his mask. Li Mao found that he was the same as the prince! In this wonderful coincidence, Li Mao began to exchange identities with the crown prince and play the crown prince. He laughed constantly in the process of playing the crown prince

comedy people give full play to their talent to produce happiness, and the laughter in the audience keeps coming, “I feel so relaxed and happy to face the new year”, “it’s really a decompressed comedy, love”, and the audience said, “it’s almost laughing from beginning to end, so which dish is salty?” The ending song sung by Phoenix Legend has also become the biggest egg of the film, which brings full surprises to the audience. The sense of new year ceremony is also filled at the moment when the music starts. Everyone said that going to the cinema to listen to the song “Happy New Year” on the first day of 2022 is the best gift to welcome the new year

the ancient costume comedy “new exploration” of Xinli film

if you have a little observation, it is not difficult to find that with the continuous recognition of comedy works in the film and television market in the past two years, the proportion of works with similar themes is also rising sharply. With a large number of production companies betting on comedy films, how to avoid homogenization and find the innovation point of comedy has become a new proposition in the industry

Li Mao plays the prince innovatively places the story in the ancient background, forms a contrast with the ancient environment through close to the modern expression, and also brings the audience a novel feeling with the insertion of hilarious and dense laughter

in fact, before Li Mao plays the prince, Xinli films always adhered to the line of high-quality comedy and constantly tried to innovate in comedy films. In the previous films Charlotte’s troubles and Hello, Li Huanying, the theme of family affection and love was placed in a fantasy narrative, which made the audience have a strong emotional resonance and spiritual resonance; The richest man in Xihong city is to integrate the little man’s sudden wealth into the absurd story, so that people can see the pursuit outside the material itself; The low-cost work “crazy call” takes the mobile phone as the carrier of the story contradiction and presents a distinctive black humor at a dinner…

the innovation of Xinli film in this narrative structure, scene environment and expression form is also constantly accepted by the market and users, such as Charlotte’s troubles “The richest man in Xihong city” broke the box office record of comedy films in the year when they were released, while “Hello, Li Huanying” has become the top 3 in Chinese film history with more than 5.4 billion box office results

the more important point is that although the forms are different, the core of the comedy works produced by Xinli film is inseparable from the emotional return to nature, so that the audience can not only laugh, but also bring emotional resonance to the audience, so as to bring tears in laughter

I believe that under the line of high-quality comedy, Xinli films can also bring more good works that warm people’s hearts and move human nature to the audience in the future