The first class of “generation Z Huaxing little reporter” training camp begins

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Beijing, January 14 (Xinhua) on January 13, the first lesson of the “z-generation Huaxing little journalists” training camp began in Beijing. Professor Wu Minsu of the Communication University of China taught the course “preliminary understanding of the news and journalist industry” for the “little journalists” participating in the activity in the form of online teaching, from Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand Nearly 200 Chinese “generation Z” from Japan and other countries listened to the course

The first class of “generation Z Huaxing little reporter” training camp begins

Wu Minsu, Professor of Communication University of China. Zhai Lu photo

Professor Wu Minsu introduces the news industry, the role of news and the practical operation of news business in simple terms from the development history of Chinese media. She mentioned in class that there is a certain difference between the traditional definition of news and the definition in the network era. News has the functions of serving the society, guiding life, disseminating knowledge and popularizing education, but its main function is to report news information, reflect and guide public opinion. Professor Wu Minsu especially pointed out that Chinese “little journalists” should pay attention to telling the story of real China, go to the depths of the mountains and fields, objectively record what they see and think with their feet, eyes, brains and pen power, and show the real face of China to the world. In addition, Wu Minsu also explained news interviews, news clue collection and questioning skills in the form of examples. In the class, the “little reporters” actively interacted, actively answered the questions raised by the teacher, and said that Professor Wu’s story was rich and interesting, and looked forward to the next training course

The first class of “generation Z Huaxing little reporter” training camp begins(1)

Wu Minsu is teaching “little journalists”. Zhai Lu’s

“z-generation Chinese star little reporter” training camp was officially launched on December 10, 2021. The activity recruits “z-generation” overseas Chinese teenagers all over the world, cultivates their news interview ability, and allows them to tell diversified stories from a unique perspective. By the end of registration on January 9, 2022, more than 500 Chinese teenagers from 19 countries had been selected into the camp. Next, the event also set up a number of news related training courses to cultivate the professional ability of “little journalists” in all aspects and from multiple angles